Is Taxation theft?

Why do people pay different amounts of tax? It is often argued that taxes are gather for good causes such as schools, parks, roads, street lights, bridges and services that help keep us safe. Taxes are seen as something that has or at least had good intent. The reality is that most taxes are not necessary. Most taxes are implemented in order to make governments more relevant than they really are.

Do we really need large governments? Did we really need to pay $5 million to the National Institute of Health to realize that fraternities and sororities drink more on average than the overall university population particularly on days a big sporting event is held and that they sleep in later as well? Do we really need to pay $1 billion a year to pay more for sugar and artificially inflate sugar prices worldwide?

In reality, taxation is theft. Why else would two people who live in the same street, being the same age and gender, participating in the say activities and having the same family make up pay different amounts of tax?  This is simple to answer, taxation is theft.

For example, let’s look at two men who are 30 years old who work at the same company doing the same job, shall we? The difference between these two men are that one man only wants to work 30 hours a week as this is his preference. The other man is more ambitious and chooses to work 50 hours a week.  Why does the more ambitious man pay more tax for being more productive and ambitious? Again, the answer is simple. Taxation is theft.


Additionally, what taxes are spent on has become much less fair as well.  Why is it that people who are literally getting ripped off via taxation not up in arms about this in this age of victim mentality? Why are some people not paying their fair share of taxes while others pay 10 times as much tax? Again, some spout on about fairness. Fairness is inseparable from unfairness just as equality is inseparable from inequality. Why can’t each and every one of us pay our fair share?

When you go into a store to buy a coke you pay the same for that coke as everyone else. If you had to pay a different amount whether more or less because of your gender, ethnicity or income level, then that would be theft and it is very easy to understand this as theft.

The government tells you what you are going t pay them from your hard-earned cash and if you do not pay it, then they will come knocking at your door and either take that money from you by pointing the end of a gun at you, physically confiscate your property or physically take you to jail. When you look at this system objectively, it is very easy to see that the government are thieves and overtly act like thugs.

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