Do you know when to use Then or Than?

If you know how to use then and than, then you know it’s easier then you think?

Does god exist?

Does god exist? What are the odds that god does or does not exist?


Core Renditions

The following writing is about time and how we worship time for good or bad. How time has become a religion that we all try to avoid and become atheists of. Like God, we don’t understand time nor do we even know if it truly exists.

What if we changed time so that there was ten seconds for what is now one? Would we live longer? Or would we have to turn one second into ten, bury our clocks or change the moon’s orbit?  What if we adopted E Prime? Would we cease to be or would we live in harmony with each other? Would we change that which has a hold on us?

We can change time because it’s a human construct. If we did we would no longer run out of time, we would always be on time however we would no longer have time for anything, chaos would prevail and we would become timeless.


Core Renditions

Time has become an oppressive bore
It’s constant attention, a ritual chore
Welcoming the New Year in with a roar
The filing of time into a drawer

You and I have become its whore
Mining it as if a precious ore
Deliberately following its unending tour
Wearing its tally, keeping its score


Time and weight and fear and hate
The thing we date the thing we rate
Ring and mate and sing and fate
The thing we long, the thing of song

The more it persists, the more it will soar
Onto our bodies it wages its war
The shadows creep across the floor
Until their fingers can paint no more

Call it a day as it ceases to pour
Rotting minds with mortal gore
Loving, longing, leading, lore
Choking winter’s bolted door