Are we Forcing Women to Have Children?

While watching a news clip I found myself doing a second-take, rubber-necking, if you will, to see if I understood that what I just heard was what I just heard. A representative of NOW (National Organization for Women) stated that the proposed attempt to defund abortion via Planned Parenthood, the US nation’s number one clinic for abortion, was not to prevent taxpayers from funding abortion but was “forcing women to have children.” Sonia Osorio, President of the New York Chapter for the National Organization for Women dishonestly stated that the proposed attempt would “take away access to abortion and take away birth control.” Ms. Osorio is a liar and intellectually bankrupt to put it mildly.


At one-point Ms. Osorio stated that Mr. Carlson should not “joke” about forcing people at gunpoint to pay for abortions. Apparently, she does not understand that if you do not pay your taxes you will have someone visit your home and escort you to jail at the end of a gun.

In fact, she is the exact reason why most men pretend to listen to women while the rest of men do not even pretend to ignore women. Why should taxpayers pay for abortion? Why should men pay for abortions? Additionally, women still have access to abortion if the proposed changes are accepted. They will just need to pay for them themselves. If you do not want to pay for your abortions, do not get pregnant. Remember, your body, your choice.

Further, birth control is not being taken way at all. Again, why should men or taxpayers in general pay for women’s contraceptives? Do taxpayers pay for men’s contraceptives? No.  Women, I have a tip for you. If you lie, you will be called a liar. Stop lying and grow up. Furthermore, anyone can buy affordable birth control at any corner store or drug store.

Honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing women cry and bitch and whine like little unaccountable crybaby children about how they are so weak and need help from men all the time (the only people that actually pay taxes after transfers by the way). Women are the majority of people, the majority of university students and graduates, have affirmative action in order to hire them based on stupid equality of outcome guidelines that are discriminate towards men because they are so weak and inferior to men, obviously justifying these types of policy’s existence and actually earn more than men if you care to look at the statistics and facts, which women do not.

My body, my choice is a joke if you can do whatever you want and then coerce or black mail men to pay you for YOUR choice for the next 18-25 years. Also, lets be honest, ‘forcing women to have babies?”. No, screw that, lets force MEN to have babies.

I do not agree with abortion; however, I do not think it should be taken away from you or limited if you choose that have an abortion. With that said, I am vehemently opposed to having taxpayers pay for it. Ms. Osorio feels that abortion is a constitutional right and should be funded. She thinks this is a good position, claim and argument. It is not, and it is easy to conclude that in fact it is not. One only needs to read the constitution. In doing so, one can see (not feel) that one has the right to own guns.

Upon being asked about the same claim but for a real constitutional right, that if it is a constitutional right to own a gun, then why taxpayers aren’t forced to pay for guns or the NRA, Ms. Osorio’s response, “Now who is talking lunacy and who is being dishonest”.  Her solipsism is palatable, and her beef is strong. Why do we listen to these types of women? Should we even pretend to listen to these types of women? Is this the problem? Is the problem, that we are polite and pretend to listen to them that they just keep talking? It is time we stop pretending to listen to women and shut down this type of banter before we just tune out whenever a woman opens her mouth in the first place or are we already there?






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