Would you live in the UK?

Would you live in the UK?

I used to think I would like to live in the UK. I am Canadian, and I thought that Canadians were closer to the Brits culturally than the US.  I used to think that Canada and the UK allowed free speech. Both do not, and the US is the only country in the world where free speech is a right.

That is amazing when you really break that down. Hate speech has been the big culprit that has weakened free speech. Hate speech is a non-entity.  That’s like saying that some idea is a dangerous idea and you are not allowed to think those dangerous ideas.

No Free Speech

People with derogatory speech towards someone or something should be allowed. No, it’s not nice. The law is not established to be nice. It is established fair. You do not have to agree with that person’s banter. You can express your dislike or why you think they are wrong. Public ostracization should be the only penalty those that speak ideas that are somehow considered inappropriate should face.

Canada is bad for speech. Currently the Canadian government are implementing compelled speech. That is speech that you must say, or you are in breech of the law. Does 2+2=5 sound familiar to anyone? There is hope if Canada stops drinking the cool-aid as it is spiked and get rid of that feminist soy boy PM.

The UK is quickly becoming like Canada. They vote to Brexit and the cry-baby government will not do its job. They should be held in contempt and literally thrown in jail, each and every member of the ruling party for not representing the British people as they sworn to do while they drain the coffers.

Additionally, the UK has some seriously draconian speech laws. Tommy Robinson comes to mind. So, does Count Dankula. Lauren Southern of whom the British people should be up in arms over not being allowed in their country to protect their tiny little feelings should be allowed to say what she says. Who gets to decide whether what she says is OK or not? Who and why?  The UK and the government has become an utter joke.

Jesse Lee Peterson was in the UK on a talk show and he almost got the show (Piers Morgan) kicked of British airways because she said what he thinks. Silly black man, he is not allowed to say what he thinks. He is not eve allowed to think what he thinks.

No. I have absolutely no inclination to live or even visit the UK. It has become annexed by something that does not resemble what I used to think were British people.  I prefer to stay in Asia in a country that is known for substantial human rights violations where you do not have free speech, but in an ironical situation, the government here leaves you alone for the most part as long as you adhere to their silly immigration laws which are 100% discretionary.

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