Typical feminine helplessness – weak females let down by male technology

As the Broad Brush Vanquishes the NAWALT

Useless womenThe opinions stated in this article are from a broader brush and in no way, try to articulate the minutia of human complexities. With that said, the ‘not all women are like that’ (NAWALT) argument will be vehemently ignored due to its connotated apparent lack of intelligence in ignoring the bigger picture, the broader picture, a picture easily visualized conceptually or by looking at society today, if one is so inclined to open one’s mind, if possible.

Women Exploit Men

Women make use of a man whenever there is an opportunity. If there is no opportunity, then women create an opportunity. Women exploit men. Why shouldn’t they as roughly 50% of the population are men with all their knowledge about cars, painting, plumbing, electronics, etc. All the qualities that she finds useful are labeled masculine by her, those of no use to her or anyone else for that matter, are labelled effeminate. effeminate men need to possess a valued quality that women find useful. Even if the only quality they have is an ability to earn money. In fact, as this one quality can ‘purchase’ any masculine service, this quality has extra value. All other masculine qualities are over-shadowed by a man’s ability to earn high income.

Why Men are Slaves

MGTOW often liken themselves to slaves. Yet, MGTOW feel men are imaginative, loving, strong and intelligent, and that women are unimaginative, hypergamous, weak and stupid. Why then are women not exploited by men? Which characteristics are qualifications for slavery after all? Are the slaves ruled by the slave owners or are the slave owners ruled by the slaves?

The Slave’s Happiness

Useless womenHow is it that slaves feel they are the masters of the universe inspired to greater and greater achievements? According to Esther Vilar in her book The Manipulated man, this is called the slave’s happiness. She posits (1998){, 1978 #785}{Vilar, 1978 #785}, “Could it be that the world is not being ruled by experts but by beings who are not fit for anything else – by women?” I further that more than often they are not fit even for that.

Work Until You are Dead

Men work and in doing so, they support themselves. They also support women. Men also support woman’s children. Men have no influence over their reproduction as they cannot have abortions, there is no pill for men, and therefore, only can have the children women allow them to. Men are automatically robbed of their children in cases of separation for the reason that they are always working because they must work all their lives.

Poor Man

However, as a man’s life expectancy is shorter than a woman’s, why must men retire later in life only to die sooner than women? Additionally, men, though they work more and earn more than women, are poorer than women.

Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t

Useless womenIn contrast, women have choices to work, to temporarily work or to raise children or be kept by a man. Women only temporarily work, if at all. Women, at best, will temporarily support a man. Why would a logical man ever expect a woman to support him? For most of a woman’s life she has never supported herself nor her children, so why would a man expect a woman to support him? She has absolutely no experience doing anything of this nature.

The Numbing of the Man

Today, a man’s talents are abundant. Some excel in one area while others excel in other areas. Some excel in one area early in life but develop a great ability in another later in life. One man influences another leading to great successes. However, in being a utility for others, a man is forced to focus on one specialized ability to be the viable commodity that others want. This is usually the first ability that others discover in a man that can be exploited.

Specialized Exploitation

At this point, men specialize in this boring isolated field and play in this game, usually bored, for the rest of their lives. They can earn more money in that field than others. Society ostracizes directly or indirectly men that change their lives (professions), labeled as unreliable if only changing professions just once in his long life. Many of these men are alone, that is unless they are earning a bundle of cash and others know it.

Men want to be Slaves

Useless womenMen are pressured to earn the maximum amount of money they are capable of. A man who settles for less than he is capable of is looked down upon and not fulfilling his potential, a failure. Men have been manipulated and condition life long and now feels a failure if he does not adopt the submissive edicts of their slavery. In fact, men have been classically conditioned to want to be slaves. In this conditioned reality, life-long freedom is a sentence worse than death. Enslaved, he finds security, being exploited by his enslaver of choice, a woman, his woman.

Breeding Habits of Women

Women are human beings that breed and do not work. They have specialized their breeding habits to be tailored unencumbered, unhindered, indulgently to suit their personal interests. They have not needed to utilize their disintegrated intellectual capacities for their entire lives. By the age of 12, they have already decided on a future where a man does all the work and they will provide the vagina or going their own way and continuing to develop their mind and thus ceasing any possibility of communication between her and men forever.  Unfortunately, men are attracted to intelligent women as they think these women know and understand things as they do.

Men Do What They Do

Useless womenA man’s measure of all things is man himself. After all, should we look at the accomplishments of dinosaurs or ants and aspire to be that? Men look at solutions as things they would do. Men create conveniences for women to unchain them from the burden of tasks men feel prevent women from leading an easier, better dream life, the life he longs for. He creates dish washers, microwaves, cake mixes and precooked foods in a bid for her to have time to take an interest in herself. So, does she take an interest in poetry, astrophysics, politics or history? She has no intellectual interests, she can only concentrate on her external appearance.

Women do not Want What Men Want

He invents iron-free garments, pop-up bras, 24-hour fakeup, hair dye, permanents, all this, for the more sensitive needs, more refined needs of a woman in a bid for her to finally be able to be free to pursue being free which is after all, his dream; to be a free man. In essence, man has conditioned women to become more material than intellectual.

Mental Satisfaction

What is going to happen when we have robots to do most of the work that women have traditionally done? What men do not understand is that the mental level of most of these jobs, no matter how unimportant or insignificant they are to men, are just right for women. These jobs satisfy women.


Useless womenWhen women dominate universities, the quality of content, the direction of the university disintegrates into relinquishing intellectual pursuits. Ensuring women go to universities might make men feel like there is an opportunity that women will help mankind prosper. How are the returns so far? If you were an investment banker would you finance women scholarship to a higher degree than men?

The Eyes of a Woman

How many eyes of women, were laid upon the wonderful books that litter our libraries or the painstaking research, meticulously designed down to minute data analysis conceptual understandings as well as the labored hours of academic writing required to grace us with their very presence? The reason is that women lack ambition or a desire for knowledge in general. Additionally, one thing women have men do not, is a choice. Women can choose to live the life of a man or be pretty numbskulls. Most choose a blend of both with an emphasis on the pretty numbskulls option.

Men do not even Exist to Women

Women are not oppressed by men. Women are not afraid of men. In a woman’s life, man does not even exist other than from a resource perspective. Indeed, men are not even thought of as something to revolt against. Perhaps men sometimes need to have their attitudes curbed or some men do. Women are oppressed by women. It is the love, recognition and admiration of another women that a woman is really interested in. It is in the masquerade of women that women play.

Women emulate Children

Useless womenNot only does a woman emulate a child by pursuing their greatest ideal life, a life without responsibility or work, but they emulate the physical appearance and emotions distilled by children, nice flawless skin, dimples, eyes to melt you with. Women emulate a child’s helplessness and need for support and protection, physically, verbally and mentally. It is natural to assume that a child cannot look after itself, that a child needs to be cared for. Would you expect a woman to change her own flat tire? Why not? Because they are children.

Beauty, Children or Lack of Young Women: A woman’s salvation

Women need to protect their beauty, constantly act like a child, behave like a child, be a child, to attract men that have been conditioned to consider helpless, appealing little girls beautiful and not grown up faces. For a man to consider playing a game like this his entire life–fruitless, stupid. A grown-up woman-face acting like a child is off-putting to men not even considering what the ravishes of time has done to his libido. If not for a lack of young women or the possession of children, these women would fall off the 4 corners of the earth never to be heard from again.

Women’s and Men’s Curiosity

A woman’s curiosity is of a different nature than a man’s. Their quest for knowledge needs to have a means. It needs utility. Specifically, it needs to have immediate personal usefulness to her. For the most part, a woman’s curiosity is subjective, tethered to an immediate personal usefulness. A man’s curiosity is purely objective, practical and the knowledge to be gained does not need to have personal implications. Men see a different reality around them and are inspired to transform it into something better, something new.

Slaves are Good; Free men are Ostracized

A man who marries, has children, works at a crappy job for decades, retires and dies is held up as an example of virtue and responsibility. A man who lives for himself, works for himself, does one thing and then another for no other reason other than the fact that he enjoys it is rejected by society. As he only needs to be responsible for himself, he sleeps where and when he wants. When interacting with women, he meets her face-to-face on equal terms and not as one of a billion slaves she is used to. This man is selfish. This man must be gay or antisocial. If this is a free man, we need to enslave him or ostracize him. He must not talk to our enslaved men.

Rare Women or Just Women

Useless womenRarer, the woman who lives for herself, works for herself, does as she wants, and meets men and women on equal terms is positive, an independent woman. Even the woman who is child-like and alone, who needs financial assistance or marriage to the state, needs our support and encouragement and tax dollars, a drain on our society, is held in higher regard than the contributing, independent, single man.

In Service of Women

A man in the service of a woman is a man not discovering new worlds, not dreaming about new concepts, not using the strength of his mind and intelligence to make all our lives richer and fuller. A man in the service of a woman has betrayed himself and men. A man in the service of a woman has shunted himself to be a fraction of what he is, has lowered himself to the level of a woman, has become her utility to preserve and improve the old and not the new. Anything new he creates for man needs to someday be useful to women even though there are so much needed for men and their curiosities to understand all the mysteries of the universe. Men need to beg women to be patient with them and their inventions until they can get the technological advances translated into images complete with lots kid speak and love talk so women will buy them.

With Women in Mind

Men do everything with women in mind. They are conditioned to. If they did anything without women in mind, it would be protested. Imagine if a scientist did not dedicate his works that will never be in the least understood by her, to his wife. What a slap in the face? Isn’t it? No, that’s what’s called a waste of time and a lie. Men have been wasting their imagination, time, resources and intelligence at alarming degrees. Today, insurance policies, marriage, divorce, inheritance and pensions are all dictated with women in mind. It is not difficult to understand why men think women are wonderful creatures which are good for them. No matter how intelligent men are, the fact they are so ill equipped in recognizing women as they really are, is enough to question their intelligence.


Freedom inherently terrifies men. Stupid people are quite happy with freedom and will take actions to retain it. Stupid people are incapable of abstract thoughts, they do not fear death and do not feel the need to leave familiar ground even if their existence is being threatened. There is no reason for life if personal comforts are fulfilled. They might believe in god because they want to go to heaven.

Freedom scares men

Free intelligent men, after a period of euphoria, put freedom to test. Free men, capable of abstract thought, know that every act, of which he bears sole responsibility, might send him in a given direction and that there are a series of possible sequences, not all of which can be predicted. This scares him. An intelligent free man can fall back on rules of childhood when he was not free and others gave him meanings for his actions. His current actions are meaningless as they only serve his comfort. He no longer serves his mother. He craves to replace his childhood deity so as to become an abject slave again.

Rules of Conduct

Rules of conduct are derived from compared experiences and in finding something common in them, generalized rules are established for future reasonable conduct if beneficial to someone other than themselves. As rules of conduct grow collectively, their complexity increases to the point that specific details are no longer apparent, but autonomously become sanctified. Young children are conditioned to believe in the rules of their family or parents that subjugate or marginalize. Violation of these rules garners negative responses. This is the root mechanism for racism, brotherly love or Marxism. This subjugation is apparent in the love. The man subjugates himself to a woman. Women always make demands and therefor man never feels forsaken. His life now has artificial meaning dedicated to comforting her and her children, to be punished or rewarded based on her desires, no matter how stupid, playing the masquerade.

At your Disposal

Men are conditioned from their very first day on earth to judge his own value to be a woman’s estimation of his usefulness, success being her praise and the production of something of value to her. Through her praise, he becomes reliant upon it to gauge his own fruitfulness. Without it he is lost. Girls are conditioned to identify with mothers, becoming the mother of their dolls, scolding or praising them as needed. Boys are given toys girls do not have and focus on developing skills they will later use to provide for a woman. Of course, these skills are reinforced inducing self-confidence and enhancing productivity with praise.

Value in Society

The value of women in society is not measured by intelligence. There are no standards to which a woman is measured. Men need women. That’s the divine bottom line. No questions, no arguments. There are no standards a woman needs to meet to be measured in society. A woman can be as stupid as she wants and push the limits to new highs or lows and a man will still take care of her and not give up her company. Imagine society ostracizing women for being stupid. That is just not going to happen.

Working is a Masculine trait

It is not a feminine trait to participate in DIY plumbing. A feminine trait is to do nothing, to put on makeup, to do the wash, clear up the dishes or do some ironing. Men are told that men’s jobs are much more important and are masculine. The effeminate house cleaning is dull and boring, somewhat insignificant. Do you think women want to do this work after all? Oddly enough, they do. It correlates with the mental level women are comfortable with exerting for work. Women use menial chores, which they actually enjoy, as evidence as to how lucky men are to have their masculine jobs. The term masculine and effeminate should be changed to hard and easy.


Vilar, E. (1998). The manipulated man. London: Royal National Institute for the Blind.


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