The Ontology of Women

Ontology of WomenWhy MGTOW?

What MGTOW offers you as a man, is it important and do you need to know this information are questions every man need to ask themselves. If you are ever asked why you are MGTOW, you should ask, what is MGTOW? Not because you don’t know or want to hide and seem stupid, but because you want to know what the interlocutor understands MGTOW to be and what question is being asked.

Ontology of WomenMGTOW Only Offers One Thing!

MGTOW offers a lot to men. However, as the name implies, there is only one goal for an expert MGTOW, and that is to not only go on his own way, but to continue going on his own way. Why MGTOW resonates with so many men is because MGTOW is not something that we become, it is innate in every man. As a man, you have always gone on your own way. As a man, you have looked at reality from both an analytical and an emotional perspective.

Ontology of WomenReparations, Ontology or Both Penalties

Depending on your age, you might have realized that society seems to be punishing men for being men. Whether it is in a reparations-type of penalty or from an ontological-type penalty, or both, men are being punished. What does society feel the worth of a man is? What has society dictated are the responsibilities of men? What is behind this movement or social order? The answers to these are not known by most, nor do many care.

Ontology of WomenMGTOW is Innate in Men

However, what many men do feel is this nagging itch that make them most accountable in society.  Accountable to the point where some men logically decide on solutions that are, by their own intellectual prowess, not the best solution for the problem at hand, but after weighing the results, understands it to be a better solution for him to follow in his own life.

Ontology of WomenForced Into Inefficient Solutions

Some of these solutions include not caring about your job as much as you once did, not being motivated to obtain promotions, not being motivated to earn more than you need, reducing what you need, isolating yourself, changing job environments, plus many more. Often anger is attached to these decisions especially if the man has not taken enough time to understand why he is thinking the way he does.

Ontology of WomenMGTOW Benefits are Mostly Fleeting

MGTOW offers a lot, however, most of the benefits are fleeting. MGTOW offers a space for you to be a man, to be angry, to relax and smell the coffee, to talk, discuss, rant, insult, and learn. MGTOW gives men peace of mind. MGTOW offers a support community for men. MGTOW offers men an ear. MGTOW offers men eye candy. MGTOW offers you a club. Nonetheless, as you embark on your MGTOW adventure, one thing is inevitable, all those benefits will be rejected and abandoned by you at some point.

There is no space for men unless in your own castle, you can only relax and smell the coffee in your castle, you will learn to learn on your own and peace of mind will be found from within. You will not need a community, nor an ear, nor eye candy, nor a club. The only thing you will need is yourself. You will be on your own, as you have always been, as you will always be.

you can’t unsee something you’ve seen

Ontology of WomenThe Metaphysical Aspect of the Ontology of Women

One benefit will remain with you for the remainder of your life. Many state it like this, you can’t unsee something you’ve seen. That of which you will not be able to unsee is the ontology of women. The ontology of women consists in its simplest form as the study of the existence of women. However, it’s the metaphysical aspect of the ontology of women that you will benefit most from in your lifetime. This philosophy looks at the very nature of women, their being, cause, identity, essence, their very core.

Ontology of WomenThe Ontology of Women and Men

As you as a man begin to understand what’s under the hood, how and why it works, you begin to understand life differently. You see things differently. You see into the future and past more vividly. You begin to live in the moment better. As you begin to live for the moment, you see people from a different perspective. You begin to see common characteristics. You begin to see right and wrong, subjugation, marginalization and hatred.


Ontology of WomenAdditionally, you see into the future more confidently. You feel more confident about what is going to happen if you choose this or that. You see bad decisions where once you saw desire. MGTOW gives you freedom. MGTOW gives you freedom to be good or bad, right or wrong, rich or poor. MGTOW gives you back your power over yourself.

It is in this understanding of the ontology of women, men learn about the ontology of men. It is in understanding yourself, you can realize what you are to become. It is in going your own way, you become you again, free.

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