PAN Card Status Enquiry India

If you are concerned about your PAN card application process or the validity of a PAN card or data, Whether you are requesting allotment of a card, reprint of a card or changes or corrections to a card you will have to make a status enquiry either manually or online. If you make an online status enquiry then you will have to use the Government’s PAN Card status enquiry India website in order to find the status of your PAN Card application.

The Government of India Income Tax Department has mandated that having a PAN is required to pay or receive a refund of taxes in India. The PAN application process takes up to one month, costs fees and requires supporting documentation. You can initiate the PAN Application process in person, manually through the post or online.

 PAN Card

There are two types of PAN Card application status enquiries. The first type of application status enquiry is for the status of a current allotment application where the applicant is applying for a first time PAN card. In addition, if your application is for a reprint of PAN card or corrections / changes of PAN data this type of status will deal with this application.

Another type of PAN Card status enquiry will come from authorized users of the verification process. Government agencies, organizations such as utilities, banks as well as other types of organizations pay to verify PAN Card statuses. Typical status would be ‘In database and active’, ‘not found in database’ or ‘Fake PAN’. An electricity utility company might verify a PAN upon request of a new account or a bank might verify data associated with a PAN.

There are two methods to check the status of your new PAN Card or your reprint of PAN Card, online or manually. Both processes cost money and both require supporting documentation to be submitted to the ITD. In addition, both processes can take upwards to a month to complete given that there are on problems.

A PAN Card Verification through PAN Number can only be performed by an authorized, registered company, organization or agency that is paid up to date and their account is in good standing. This process requires the verifier to have a Digital Signature Certificate. In addition, there are three different types of accounts, all of which allow for up to 750 verifications per day.


When you submit an application for a PAN online, you can submit a PAN Card enquiry on the status of your application by using the Government’s PAN Card status enquiry India website form. This form requires you to have your 15-digit acknowledgement number in order to access data.