PAN Card Enquiry

In India, a PAN Card Enquiry is the operation of either checking your own or someone else’s PAN to ensure the validity, accuracy and current status of the PAN Account. A PAN is Permanent Account Number and every Indian citizen is required to have on if they pay income tax. In addition, corporations will check the status of their returns quarterly so as to minimize overall work requirements.

PAN Card Enquiries don’t always mean typing a request, it’s deciding on the criteria of the data you want as you want it and then easily and accurately retrieving it. Reporting on quarterly tax balances, current status of card whether individual or corporate and filing tax returns are considered enquiries of a different magnitude than one usually associates an enquiry to.

As a PAN holder you can perform many different types of enquiries as well as actions in regard to your PAN account and reporting of Tax data. Some actions include applying for a PAN card for the first time, applying for a new reprint of a lost, stolen or destroyed card or applying for reprint because of data corrections in regard to the card data.

In addition to applying for PANs online, you can also check your NSDL PAN Card Status online easily and securely. On the government website you can also enquire directly to a human via an email form directly requesting the information you need or the process as to how to get it.


A PAN Card Enquiry is more than simply contacting an employee by email on the Government of India’s Income Tax Department web portal, it’s seeing your current account balance with  all transactions from both the government and you, applying of information, applying for new numbers or cards and updating information.