Are men Misogynists?

Or are women violating their trust and position in society? No doubt any form of violation towards a woman by a man is wrong, especially in the workplace just as are the facts that deaths at work are men at rates of 95%, men commit 90% of suicides and men are 75% more likely to receive jail terms for crimes than women are and then receive jail terms twice as long as women in the even a woman is even convicted of the same crime.


However, upon reading the article “#MeToo Backlash in Corporate Canada Sees Women Locked Out”, it becomes overwhelmingly obvious, at least for the author of this article as to why the majority of men only pretend to listen to women and the rest of men outright ignore women.

When women are at risk, they should do everything they can to minimize their risk and protect themselves. However, there is obviously a double standard here. Men are not allowed to do the same and when they do, they are misogynists.

This article bemoans how men no longer have meetings with women behind closed doors, only take meetings with women if someone else is there and are ‘shying’ away from mentoring young women. Well, we all know men are ‘shy’. Wake up! Men are not shying away from mentoring young women at all. It is not worth it. PERIOD. Also, it is not good enough to take meetings with a woman unless someone else is there if that someone else is a woman. Let me state that again, it is not good enough to have meetings with a woman unless someone else is there if that someone else is a woman, it needs to be recorded by not one camera but three if possible. It is not good enough if an additional woman is there or if an additional man is there.

Close up of woman locking entrance door with a key. Person using key and unlocking apartment door.

Isn’t this wonderful? And this is because men are such pigs, isn’t it? It sounds like women would be just fine by themselves, and I am sure they will be. Somehow, I think this is exactly what is being pushed. If only all the bosses were women, wouldn’t that be great?

However, that also insinuates that men would be just fine by themselves as well. But you and I know that would be misogynistic.

In the article, there is a video interview with a woman from IBM who is telling us all about a wonderful program for getting women back into the workforce in their 30s, into IT. Of course, we need even more programs for women because there are not enough yet. Also, the poor wimmins need extra help when they are 30 because they are long past their prime, or are they not near their prime, who knows? Anyhow, you will notice how this IBM Global talent executive talks about getting women back into the workplace because diversity is so needed. Mind you there are zero studies about diversity being anything but divisive but I digress. As she continues about how they have paid women the same as men for decades, just like every other company in the west mind you but some how this magical, mystical 78 cents-per-dollar unicorn keeps popping up all over the place, we just cannot find that place, she elaborates about many programs for women.

Honestly, I have never heard about a program dedicated to men, to get them into the work force. Anyhow, the program for “women who take a break from the workforce to raise a family or for other personal reasons”. Hold on a moment. Can men take a break from the work force ‘for personal reason’? Do men do that? If men did that, just how employable do you think they would be?

She continues to state that when women in STEM hit their 30s, more than half (50%) stop working and there are more than 500,000 jobs available. Now, step back and review that statement. What comes to mind? We need to help the wimmins, the poor wimmins, what can we do to stop this injustice? No. What comes to mind whether you are a man, or a woman is “what a total waste of time and a human being”. As an employer you would be stupid and dumb to hire a woman. All the training, education, and effort for this woman was a total waste of time and will be a waste of time in the future. This actually justifies the statements at the beginning of this article where men do not want to mentor women.

Portrait of Young Woman Holding Blank Placard — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Continuing, the interviewee states how the program is for women to this and for women to that. The Interviewer then states is this for people who used to work for IBM, for someone from outside IBM to etc. I find it very odd that she (the interviewer) stopped using the word women. Women are people but so are men and no, this program is not for men and there for the use of the word people or someone is not appropriate here. Isn’t is nice how the wimmins don’t like to use words like policemen and firemen when it suits them.
At this point the interviewee begins to parrot the interviewer and interchanges people and women throughout the rest of the interview. It should be noted that it would be perfectly and is only perfectly correct to use the term women in the entire interview, however, it appears that both women are either uncomfortable or embarrassed that this is a wimmins thing only.

The rest of the interview goes on and it is quite obvious this article, program and sentiments are all about our wonderfully diverse world of wimmins.

The last paragraph of the article is telling:

“It is as if people don’t understand what they shouldn’t be doing. As long as you don’t grab someone or proposition them, you can take someone to lunch…It is completely obvious how to be professional.”

The only thing that is completely obvious here I guess is that this is what you should expect from a Huff Post piece. They still do not get it. It is not the people that grab someone of act unprofessional that are concerned or even care, obviously. It is the people that do not grab someone or the people that need to have lunches for their jobs that have concerns.

The solipsism, as usual, is vast here. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Oh, men will not put themselves in a position where a person can destroy their careers, lives, income and freedoms as easily as they once would. Those silly men, they do not need to be concerned, this is about the wimmins.

Again, the beef is strong here. Even if they do manage to pad the top brass of every company in Canada or wherever with the wimmins, men are not going to take any position that puts them at risk as easily as they once would. Men are going to think twice, or even three times.

Once the top brass positions of companies are populated fairly like university attendance is now populated, you know 70% women and 30% men, I predict the next phase of articles within a year will be how men will not even take jobs that put them an any form or risk and men in general will be labeled as they are now, misogynists.

Do Blue Pills Taste Better than Red Pills?

Traditionally the lame stream media’s account of reality was for the most part accurate. Perhaps they did not mention everything or ignored certain things. However, for the most part it has been accurate enough as to not cause any cognitive dissonance or to raise any eyebrows or concerns. Additionally, it has been the elite that have controlled the messages that have been purported.

As the message and observable reality become further and further apart, we see breaks in the foundations. This is the recipe for civil war or revolution. The problem is that for 20% of the population the message is not good with wages going down, prices going up, crime going up, net zero or negative return on immigrant issues and then to top it off, you, who have seen no net gains in life for decades are called racist, Nazi or privileged after tolerating stupid policies such as affirmative action which overtly discriminates against groups.

Contrasting this, the 20% elites see quite the opposite. Globalism is good, they make more money exponentially, the more immigrants the more money. They have money, walls, guns and security so there is no need to worry about anything. So, what to do?


The elites are pushing their narrative. They push their messages. They control governments, schools, programs, students and they keep pushing how good things are. Things are not good. This message contradicts that of which is easily seen. The left sees this also. This is why they are so violent, intolerant and numbly dumb. They are hurt. Imagine if they give in to what they see. That means they are wrong and have been pushing the wrong issues and have been lied to and have contributed to the problem. They are the problem.

What we see now is that the message is separating from reality. People are thawing out. It is only a matter of time. Therefore, we see this issue of calling media ‘fake news’.  We see content restricted and removed, we see content developer’s platforms denied and deleted.  we see government throwing people in jail for things that they most definitely should not be in jail for. The message is not reflecting reality and there is no medicine strong enough to fix this.

This effect we see as people double-down on their beliefs especially in the face of contradictory facts are the effects of taking the red-pill and in the past, you needed to cognitively and voluntarily take but today, whether you like it or not the effects of the red-pill are radiating like radiation and people are becoming addicted to the red pill against their will.

A Warning to MGTOW: Can you change a Government if you Change Society?

A Warning to MGTOW: Can you change a Government if you Change Society?

As it is normal today to have postal or courier services deliver goods and messages, in times gone by it was normal to hire messengers to deliver messages which were frequently delivered using a horse. One such messenger, on his way to deliver confidential correspondence in the second half of the 18th century, had the bad luck to be struck and killed by lightening just outside Ingolstadt University in Bavaria. When the authorities arrived and opened his papers that were strewn about, they found plans to take over governments, plans to develop poisons and plans to kill people. The authorities interrogated some of the recipients of the messages and what they discovered was that these people were members of a group called the Illuminati (perfectionablists) and what the Illuminati’s goals were.



There is no denying that the Illuminati were a group and that it existed, no matter how much one may think about conspiracy when the name is evoked. However, there is no doubt that they existed. The conspiracy is focused on the facts of how much power did they have, how far did the group’s influence reach, how well were they organized, how many members did they and when they, if they, went out of existence.

What the illuminati understood was that every society determined the shape and the form of its government. A society’s cultures, religions, beliefs, values, morals and geography are what shapes and forms a society’s government.

If you change a society, you automatically change the government. It is just a matter of time. One of the most common and effective ways to change society is mass immigration or migration. There is not time in history where mass immigration or migration has not changed a government.

Then Caption: Pioneer mailman Dutch Ned poses on his horse on Cherry Street. The ca. 1880 view looks east over First Avenue when it was still named Front Street.

Social Revolution

This is what we see taking place today. Our society is changing and inevitably, our system of government is changing.  In the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, they called not for a revolution but a social revolution. They knew they could not establish a new government by going into the street and killing a bunch of people. They knew they could not establish a new government unless they changed society.

Throughout history there have always been men that wanted to rule the world. In recent times we can look at Hitler, Moa Tso Tung and Joseph Stalin to just state a few. Have you ever wondered how these people were able to organize people together to propel them into power? Each of them was not exceptional in any regard in their early lives. Each had an organization behind them, and this organization was always hidden. With the charismatic leader out front, most are distracted by the organization behind these movements. All these organizations can be traced back to May 1st1776 when Adam Weishaupt began an organization at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria, Germany with just a small number of students.

By changing society, you can change governments. If they can’t or do not change society, then they need to eliminate part of society. Again, we have seen this happen throughout recent history, in Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia and China. Communists have stated that at least a third of the American public would need to be eliminated to make communism work in America.

If communism did not change society, then they would initiate a counter-revolution in society, through ruling elite out and then shoot them or kill them. That is standard policy in a civil war, you shoot the loser.

Aims of the Illuminati

The goal of the Illuminati is to change society and they has specific aims to accomplish this:

  • The overthrow of all governments
  • The destruction of private property
  • The deification of sensuality
  • The destruction of religion
  • The death of the individual and nuclear family
  • The state control of children
  • The repudiation of marriage
  • The establishment of a world government

Many of the revolutionaries influenced by Weishaupt had a deep impact on American society:

  • Gracchus Babeuf – can trace Hitler (Nazism) and Stalin (Communism) to him
  • Louis Auguste Blanqui- can trace Hitler (Nazism) and Stalin (Communism) to him
  • Nicole Bonneville – started Circle Social, most important member of Illuminati in France, instrumental to French revolution, responsible changing semantics of words, lived with Thomas Paine and took Thomas Paine’s son and wife with him to America for safety.
  • Philippe Bounarroti — tutored by Weishaupt and was a close friend of Weishaupt
  • Giuseppe Mazzini – leader of the Carbonari
  • Comte de Mirabeau – French pornographer

Jacobin Movement

The Jacobin movement during the Washington and Adams administrations were directed by the French Jacobin movement started and controlled by the Illuminati eventually became what we know today as the Democratic Party. When Philadelphia was the capital of America, the Jacobin were responsible for a riot of over 10,000 people who had taken to the streets looking for George Washington to hang him. If it was not for a yellow fever epidemic that hit Philadelphia, scaring most protesters to go home and stay there until the epidemic subsided, George Washington would have been Lynched.

One of the most secretive of Illuminati groups were the Rosicrucians. They were always aligned relative to who their leaders were. They had a worldwide council of three; Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer and Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine was replaced by Marquis de Lafayette when he went to the United States. At this point the Rosicrucians faded from the public sphere until the Second Council of Three was revived prior to the civil war. The Second Council of Three consisted of Paschal Beverly Randolph, Gen. Ethan Allen Hitchcock of West Point and George Lippard who wrote fictional history books of whose events were eventually put into history books as non-fiction. One such story is the story of the cracking in the liberty bell upon reading the constitution of the United States. Lippard died young and was replaced by Abraham Lincoln. The Rosicrucians were European but they moved their headquarters to the United states and therefore all the leaders were American.

After the Bavarian government outlawed the Illuminati, Weishaupt and many other professors fled north to Göttingen University, Germany and this is where all the racial prejudices of Adolf Hitler were borne and from here can be traced directly to the Nazis. George Bancroft obtained his Ph.D. from here and founded Harvard’s preparatory school Round Hill School and had like-minded individuals hired before becoming secretary of the navy. Here he started Annapolis Naval Academy with no permission at all and for the most part illegally.

Edward Everett was the first American to get a Ph.D. from Göttingen. He delivered the Gettysburg Address for one and a half hours and was the main speaker before Lincoln came out with his short speech. The first thing Everett did when he returned to the US with his Ph.D. was educate Ralph Waldo Emerson.

One of the tactics Weishaupt implemented was that the Illuminati upon discovery are to dive down hidden under the surface and then surface again somewhere else with a different name. This way the same organization can continue again and again. They formed the German Union which would help people get books, reading materials and magazines which were pricey and not easy to obtain in those days. People would pool their money in a small town and purchase subscriptions and books which they would pass around in the town. They have over 500 of these communities in Germany resulting in them being able to control which magazines and publishers could stay in business. They would order books written by their members and would not order the books they did not want. Eventually they started to influence the thinking of the German people. The copied the same concept in America starting American literary societies; the bird club; Radical club; Atlantic club; Saturday club.

The German Union

They started to promote themselves, Longfellow, Emerson, Whittier, Thoreau and Whitman. They formed their own magazines and promoted their own writers. They shut others out. They even went into Christian publishers. There they had two goals. Socialism was a good thing, that socialism was the word of God and to not get involved.

There were several communists that influenced American Politics:

  • Horace Greeley—Karl Marx wrote 500 articles for Greeley’s newspaper
  • Karl Marx—Primary leader of the Communist party
  • Robert Dale Owen—Son of Robert Owen
  • Wendell Phillips—Abolitionist, member of congress, member of Communist International
  • Friedrich Sorge—Leader of the Communist apparatus, came from Germany to New York and ran the Communist international where the Communist HQ was moved to in 1872 and still is there
  • Senator Charles Sumner—Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, member of Communist international
  • Vitoria Woodhull—Head of section 12 of the Communist international, put together the first Wall Street Journal

Four Methods to Change a Society

The Illuminati use 4 methods to change society:

  • War
  • Terror
  • Economic Collapse
  • Mass immigration

One of the best ways to change society is through war. In the name of the war effort one will put up with almost anything and give away almost everything or anything. People will give up their rights to travel, property and their individual rights to win the war. People will also put up with restrictive taxes. Taxes on cigarettes were implemented during World War II as well as many other taxes and restrictions and were never relinquished after the war. However, to make societal changes it is best if the war is on your soil.


Terror is another way to effect change; in the name of security; in the name of protecting your neighborhood, your home, your citizens you will allow limitations on your freedoms. Look what happened since 911. The US government violates your 4th amendment rights by searching your private records without a warrant. Economic collapse and mass immigration will bring about a change in society as well. However, the best way to affect societal change is war.


How do we bring about a war in the United States? It would be difficult to get England or France to invade the US. A plan was developed to bring about a war inside the United states and we know this war today as the Civil War. To get the war started terrorism was used. Industrialists that financed socialist and terrorists causes include:

  • Andrew Carnegie—Chartist, had to leave England
  • Frederick Engels—Friend of Marx
  • Robert Owen— Started communist communes
  • Gerrit Smith—Park of the Astor empire
  • Cornelius Vanderbilt—Financed Wall Street Journal, sleeping Woodhull’s sister

John Brown, according to his son, was a communist was responsible for the failed raid on Harper’s ferry. It was John Browns botched attempt to take over the armory at Harper’s ferry that led the south to succession as the south thought after this event that the northerners were ready to kill them all. John Brown was used to help create that condition by individuals and organization that can be directly traced to the Illuminati.

He was helped by:

  • First International’s Senator Charles Sumner, Rep. Wendell Phillips and Horace Greeley.
  • Chartist Alan Pinkerton who started the secret service and the Pinkerton Detective Agency. The PDA used the all-seeing eye as their emblem and led to the slogan ‘Private Eye’.
  • Carbonari— Hugh Forbes
  • Skull & Bones—William H. Russell
  • Secret Six
  • Brotherhood of the Union—George Lippard

There were several individuals and organizations that also helped John Brown who fled the US because they thought they would be tried for treason. The only ones that were tried for treason were the ones that were Harper’s Ferry. Several newspapers had reporters riding with John Brown. Some of these newspapers include New York Tribune, New York Evening Post, The New York Times, New York Independent, Boston Traveler, Washing National Era, Chicago Tribune, St. Louis Democrat, Topeka Tribune and Lawrence Kansas Republican.

Some of the individuals and organizations include Kansa Aid Society, Sen. Henry Wilson, Sen. William H. Seward, Sen. John Parker Hale, Attorney General Ebenezer Hoar, Frederick Douglass, Joshua Giddings, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Thoreau.

One needs to understand that there were very prominent separatists in both the north and the south who called for the country to be divided into two parts and once the country was separated into two parts the agitators in the north became fervent patriots stating that we can not allow these people to leave and we need to fight a war to keep the union together.

In the south it was different. They called for succession but as soon as succession happened, they became obstructionists, preventing the south from winning the war from within the confederate government, from within the state governments. The governor of Georgia, Brown dismissed 10,000 troops under his command, told them to lay down their arms and go home before Sherman even marched into Georgia. After the war, Brown became one of the richest men in the south as he became an in-place carpetbagger who took advantage of reconstruction and buying up properties pennies on the dollar.


In the north, many European communists can to America and became Generals in the union army. Karl Weydemeyer, a personal friend of Karl Marx, actually hosed him in his house and helped him form the First International, became a general. Many others became generals as well. Gustave-Paul Cluseret was the red general in Paris 5 years after the war. In all, 40 German radicals, many communists, were made generals and 78 more foreign-born were made generals whereas the Confederate Army only had ten foreign-born generals.

Carl Schurz came from communist revolutions in Europe and was made Colonel of the Wisconsin Militia and a trustee of the University of Wisconsin almost immediately. If not a communist, then the closest thing to one. George Sanders, appointed by President Pierce as the US counsel in Rome, hosted a dinner for communist revolutionaries in London with future President James Buchanan where they advocated overthrowing all the governments of Europe and killing all their rulers ending the banquet by singing the Marseilles. When the Senate found out, they would not confirm Sanders as the US counsel in London.

After arriving home, in a speech in New York, he stated that the US needed a revolution and that we should to re-institute the guillotine, but this time we needed it driven by steam. These are just a few examples of the kind of guys the US were sending over seas to represent the US.

Many MGTOW have rightly identified the cannons of Marxism veiled in the edicts of feminism. Indeed, feminists and their lot are nothing more than useful idiots to a higher order of organization, whether they be radicals, identifiers, THOTs, manginas, white knights or vanilla-type simpletons. Leftists tend to be categorized in the same manner, utilized and then discarded in a purge as part of society is eliminated to change society and their vapid, headstrong ideology and illogical loyalty will not be beneficial to the puppeteers which have been calling the shots for centuries.  It needs to be understood, deeply, if MGTOW is exactly what a more mature, powerful organization had in mind.

Indeed, the path of the perfectionablists is paved with a multitude of forks of which they benefit no matter which way they traverse. It is inevitable that MGTOW with its singular, decentralized meshing, bowing out of society and Gatling is contributing to a change in society in a major way. There is no other way but to be agitators of a new form of government whether we want it or not.

Yes, you want to go our own way. However, there are megalomaniacs that want to rule the world and have a dynamic 200+-year plan and they have created a society where half of society just wants to be left alone and the other half will not leave them alone.


It is only a matter of time when MGTOW will be the ‘them’ in a civil war. Our own rose-colored glasses and red-pilled mentality will be the enemy of an inarticulate society. MGTOW is the solution of ostriches that plant their heads in the sand and hoping things just leave us alone. They are not going to leave us alone and it is only a matter of time before you fully realize this. It is time for MGTOW to participate in thicker, deeper thinking.

Many of the ideas in this article are paraphrased from Arthur Thompson.

On Genetics Versus Environmental Constructs

On Genetics Versus Environmental Constructs

In consideration of a wage gap:

As countries become more egalitarian, that is, as countries become more gender neutral, less influenced by the marketed and perceived social constructs leftist and feminists promulgate, differences between men and women grow. The scientific data on this are clear. The overwhelming majority of the data were generated by left-leaning biased individuals and you cannot blame these findings on conservative scientists. These results were a shock to all involved and were the opposite of postulated hypotheses.

You cannot look at the data and evidence and lean towards different theories that counter one another unless one of the leaning theorists is being intellectually dishonest.

Although it can be argued that there is no place on earth were the genders are fully equal, the Scandinavian countries have by far come closest at this point in time. However, again the data show that an opposite effect of which the gender equality types have predicted is occurring. This is not based on theory or derived based on any political perspective, it is based on data driven results. The findings are that as we become more gender equal, gender differences grow, they do not shrink. Thus, gender equality has a negative relationship with gender differences.

For the most part, men and women are more alike than they are different, however small differences at population levels can turn into very large differences at the extreme. For instance, men and women are broadly similar when it comes to aggression though men lean a bit more than women towards aggression. If one was to choose a man and woman randomly from a population, 6 out of 10 times the man would be more aggressive than the woman. However, if you take the 1 in 100 most aggressive people, you will find that they are all male and therefore, the overwhelming proportion of people in our prisons are male.

What this proves is that equality of outcome is not natural. This situation cannot and should not be equalized. We should not put more women in jail because the most extreme of the aggressive are men. There are more men in prisons than women but 50% of the population are women. Equality of outcome dictates that that we should put more women in jail.  If we implemented equality outcome we would be implementing an unfair system that is prejudiced, sexist, and bigoted.

If you were to look at bricklayers, 99 % of them are male. Should we apply equality of outcome to that? Over 80% of the population in universities studying the humanities and social sciences are female, again should that be equalized? If you think this is the way to equality and fairness, then we are guaranteed to fail.

Men work longer hours, more dangerous jobs, more likely to work outside, more likely to move, more likely to work in jobs in STEM which are scalable and accordingly men make more money for those reasons. This is all hidden under the premise that the reason why men and women make different amounts of money is because of their gender which is a very simplistic, intellectually dishonest analysis.  Trying to address this is all but impossible when feminists and leftist purport that they are interested in freedom of choice and equality of opportunity, which is fine except you will not end up with equality of outcome which they foolishly demand.

Equality of outcome is a flawed concept borne of environmental causation opposed to genetics because if it is genetics that is responsible for differences between male and females and gender diversification in general, then changing the environment via equality of outcome will not work. If genetics are at all responsible in any percentage no matter how small, then equality of outcome is not a solution and should be avoided. You cannot legislate genetics. That is, you cannot make a law to change eye color. However, you can legislate how many women are MPs. You can legislate how many women are CEOs. You can legislate how much money women earn.

If differences are underpinned in genetics instead of 100% environmental, then the leftist’s solutions are obsolete, and principles of the left are obsolete.  Solutions dictated on equality of outcome then become discriminatory, sexist and bigoted. If you allow men and women to make their own choices regarding work, you do not get equality of outcome. You get what you see now in the workforce.


The lack of understanding of this fundamental premise between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome is what has been pushing our society into a gynocentric society for 50 years. The lack of understanding this fundamental premise between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome is what is driving the MGTOW community and lifestyle of millions of men today.

The failure of the left and feminists to accept genetics instead of sexism and bigotry, as the cause of their despair and resentment is reason for all men to become MGTOW for the time being. However, it will become apparent at some point in the future that it is time for them to go.


Is Marilyn Gladu an Oxygen Thief?

Is Marilyn Gladu an Oxygen Thief?

Canada is legalizing marijuana, and this is a great thing for humanity, Canada and the citizens of Canada. No longer will the government be able to strong-arm its citizens at the end of a gun to do what they want you to do because of no other reason than it is illegal, somehow. Why would anybody in their right mind put someone else in jail for wanting to smoke pot? Pot smokers are chill. Put people in jail for wanting to drink as drinkers are messed up. No, don’t do that because that is the same as putting them in jail because they smoke weed, except for the fact that alcohol is poison, makes you violent and not be able to control yourself, makes you black out, destroys your vital organs and is highly addictive and is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly.

Canada and other countries where marijuana is illegal uses tax dollars to police marijuana to the tune of billions of dollars per year. People caught violating these ridiculous laws are put in jail costing the taxpayer and have the rest of their lives ruined. They usually lose their jobs and any possessions that there were still paying on. Additionally, they are torn from their family and children, again with force by the might of the state. Why? Because they broke a law that should not be a law that upon research finds one wondering how it even became a law. It is a law that was legislated in a manner similar in a way as if I was the PM and did not like blue M&Ms and decided to outlaw them. Anyone caught with, eating, distributing or manufacturing blue M&Ms from this day forward will be subject and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The fact that marijuana is illegal gives the state access to violate not only citizens that violate these lame laws but puts innocents at risk as well. The price of marijuana is artificially distorted which is the primary reason a criminal element is attracted to it in the first place. Everything thing about this is bad for Canada and citizens. This type of legislation is dumb. Anybody who defends it is somebody you should be extremely afraid of. These people are psychopaths, can justify anything and are willing to kill you to maintain some form of legitimate façade to their irrelevant lives. These types of people are not intelligent, and their arguments are not grounded in any form of fact, reason or accountability. It is easy for anyone who takes the 5 minutes to think about it that the fact that marijuana is illegal is the problem. Please let me state that again and let it sink in and understand it. The fact that marijuana is illegal is the problem with marijuana. It creates a plethora of problems which cascade through society.

We need politicians who are not bought and paid for by political parties or any business or industry. We need politicians who are intelligent and use their intelligence to conduct themselves while fulfilling their duties.  Because of the fubar governments have created around the marijuana issue, crime and the black market that did not exist before legislation was created by government is rampant. Government is responsible for the entire mess. There is no doubt that, when considering past decisions, that in legalizing marijuana the last thing to be considered is going to be the citizen. Sure, they will say that they are concerned about this and that, but it will be lies because that is what the government knows how to do and does best, lie.  They will tax and regulate this industry to death and to the point that it is still advantageous and profitable to sell in a black market, police budgets will actually swell in an attempt to ‘fix’ the problem which should not exist and people’s lives will continue to be ruined by the government, oh I mean by them because they are bad people and taxes will increase, government will become bigger and whose fault is it, yours. You allow this. Don’t mutter expletives under your breath at me, you vote morons into office and then you say, they are the morons. No, you voted morons into office. Morons are morons and they act moronic and they make bad mistakes. You made a mistake. Own it and fix it.

Marilyn Gladu is one of these morons you voted into office in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario. I hope you are all ‘Gladu’ did it. In a display of her superior intellect and a display of pure genius, this oxygen thief polluted the ear drums of the Canadian Parliament with her vitriol stating that Mexican criminals will invade Canada if we legalize marijuana.  She is almost correct. Mexican criminals will invade Canada if you legalize marijuana and then take advantage of Canadians by keeping the price of marijuana inflated so the Canadian government can suck huge amounts of taxes from Canadians. This is the same as swapping marijuana drug dealing from street gangs to the Government gangs. The only difference is that Government gangs are more dangerous. The have bigger weapons, more thugs and imprison people and they do it without a conscious or competition. I do not think the purpose of legalizing marijuana was for the government to become drug dealers. I thought it was because the whole idea is dumb and has no logical or academic purpose and a large sector of Canadians enjoy marijuana and that this entire thing was about doing the right thing.

What this Marilyn Gladu is tacitly inferring is that anyone that smokes or uses marijuana products are criminals. What Marilyn Gladu means to say is that she thinks that 50% of Canadians, at least, are low-life criminals because they smoke marijuana. That if marijuana is legalized more low-life people will come to Canada, namely of the marijuana-smoking criminal Mexican persuasion.

We voted this oxygen thief into office. Who is the moron here? How dumb does one need to be to think that if one can go to the local corner store, 7/11, gas station or Green Gables and buy (if the government doesn’t mess the price up so you can afford them, which they will mess up) a packet of your favorite brand of spliffs or edible marijuana products, that some criminal element is going to either import (through the US mind you), grow illegally at great risk and no profit, marijuana to compete with the government?

Gentlemen, this is exactly why we need MGTOW. MGTOW see things through rose-colored filters. We need MGTOW in office. Going your own way is one thing but these oxygen thieves are going to invade your own way whenever, where ever and however they can and the use of any form of intellect is not a requirement. We can hide and go our own way for only so long until they don’t have anyone else to come after and infect.