India Against Corruption


When searching corruption on Google, the results are littered with information about India against corruption. On initial assumptions one might posit that India is riddled with corruption and they would not be wrong in assuming that. The fact is corruption is everywhere, in every nation on earth.  The fact that you see so much information on corruption in India is not because India is a cesspool of corruption but because India is at the forefront of anti-corruption.


In India, an India against corruption is a slogan. The Indian society is armed and has taken up against corruption. With the advent of technological advances in communications and electronics, we have seen it easier to expose corruption and market that information.


India against corruption


The Internet is a prime example. The Internet has given power to a powerless segment of society and allowed them, with a bit of hard work, to take matters into their own hands and do something about it. You can give information, organize and discuss, in a low-cost effective medium, strategies to not only combat corruption but compiles realistic statistics on the actually corruption level.



Advancements in electronics and communications impact many different industries.  Surveillance equipment invariably benefits from these advancements. Microphone and video qualities in situations that used to be difficult, dark situations or loud environments are not an issue any more. In addition, the sizes of these devices have gotten smaller and changes to materials used in the construction of equipment have modified designs.



Capturing a corrupt activity as evidence to fuel sanction and prosecution is easier now. In the past, physical evidence of corrupt acts was rare and only for the privileged and this contributed to a virtual black out of corruption based convictions. This evidence is also acting as a demotivation for corruptors for future corrupt acts.



A real benefit of a comingling of empowerment and technology in the fight against corruption, as seen in India, is the advent of creative measures to document, publicize and influence an aware society, of which corruptors are a part of.  In India, there are websites like that allow society to report instances of abuse. The incidents are investigated and any actions required from the results are taken.


India Against Corruption Cartoon


India against corruption could very well stop corruption in its tracks as well as change the social perception of corruption in general. The world has a lot of learn from this era in India and, if successful, you might read in the next paragraph on corruption that an India against corruption organization will be working in your very country in the near future.


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