Is it Possible to be for Equality?

Is it Possible to be for Equality?

Some argue for equality of opportunity while others argue for equality of outcome. There is no equality ever and you can never create equality. Equality and inequality are inseparable. When we look at three different people trying to watch a baseball game from behind a fence each on a box, we see that each person faces an equality opportunity however there are unequal outcomes.  Each person stands on a box but because they are different heights two can see the game and one cannot see the game.

The right-hand picture of the three people shows an equality of outcome but an inequality of opportunity. One person has two boxes, one has one box and one has no box. However, all can see the game. Therefore, you cannot be for or against equality, you can only be for or against some combination of equality and inequality.

If you are for equality of opportunity, it is impossible to be for equality of outcome, you are therefore against equality of outcome. If you are for equality of outcome you are against equality of opportunity. People are different as some are taller, older, stronger, faster, smarter or luckier than others. Each and everyone of us are born into different circumstances and if left alone, then we are afforded equality of opportunity and because of this some of us will rise above others resulting in an inequality of outcome.

It is because we are different that the only way to achieve equality of outcome is through the imposition of an inequality of opportunity so as to boost those Darwin would say are less strong, less smart, less educated, less skilled, holding back those that are more.


Dare I state that it takes a special type of ego to think that if there is a god that you know better and can do better than it can, that it takes a special type of logic to think the  management of resources for the imposition of inequality of opportunity  is better and easier and fairer than not meddling in the natural affairs of reality and physics for the subjective ‘good’ that you have determined through your special blend of social justice and your virtues to be more noble than others’ subjective good and virtues.

One cannot be for equality. Equality and inequality are inseparable, and one can only be for a combination of equality and inequality. But, try and tell that to a do-gooder who does not understand the subjectivity of right and wrong, good and bad, ugly and beauty.