Should you Use Patreon or PayPal to Pay Content Developers?

Should you Use Patreon or PayPal to Pay Content Developers?

Patreon and PayPal frequently kick users off their services based on faulty leftist ideologies. As YouTube is totally useless regarding payment of content developers, many content developers use either PayPal or Patreon. These services earn fees every time you make a payment no matter how small. For Instance, if you pay a content developer $1 US a month via PayPal, the content developer earns around $0.65 US of that dollar. Therefore, you are paying leftists 35% of what you want a content developer to be paid.


There are other options that allow for smaller or micro payments with smaller or micro percentages of fees. One such option is to use any form of crypto currency. It is imperative that content developers who care about their patrons to use Crytpo currencies. Many still do not. I suggest you nudge them a bit to utilize crypto currencies. If they do not want to use crypto, I suggest you do not pay them.


I do not think it is wrong for a payer to expect maximum utilization of their donations. If a content developer does not care about your money, you should not care about their money. Even if you are ‘rich’ and can waste your money on whims, you should realize these services who are earning a fee from you because a content developer is too lazy or stupid to use crypto are leftists and that they finance leftist ideas and programs. You are literally giving money to someone that wants to steal your money and silent your voice.

Recently, I have canceled all my subscriptions to Patreon. I stopped using PayPal for contributions around 9 months ago.  I encourage you to do the same and for you to encourage your favorite content developers who do not take advantage of crypto to enter the 21st century. In the long run this is good for you and them as they cannot be kicked off the blockchain, earn a higher percentage from your contributions, and it’s easier.

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