PAN No Verification

You might have a need to perform a PAN no verification. If you forget your number, if you are unsure of your own number, if your card has been lost, destroyed, stolen or if you wish to verify someone else’s number because you suspect it is fake and need to verify their identification.


PAN no verification

The PAN no verification process has changed over the past 50 years. The public no longer take advantage of this option.  Only a few years ago, this functionality was available to the general public. There are still ways to access the PAN no verification process. Today, the functionality is only available to qualified, registered, approved organizations and you will need to go through them.

There are three ways to perform a PAN no verification. The first method is for when you want to verify your own number which you should be able to do easily.  You can do this online at the Government of India Income Tax Department website portal. You need your first, middle and last name as it is on file, as well as your birthdate and your father’s first, middle and last name. In addition, you can perform this task at the Income Tax department of India.

Another way to verify if a PAN no is valid is to have an agency do it for you. Many agencies have authorization to do this. You can contact the Government of India Income Tax Department and get them to verify the PAN Card for you. As well, you can submit a grievance. This will provide you a PAN number is or is not valid.

A more difficult third way is to manually verify the format of the number. You need to be aware that a person uses a nickname that is or is not on the PAN Card. In addition, their PAN card can be registered to a company name. You need to know the PAN Card format. The Pan format is specifically formatted and follows its own rules.

PAN no verification for PayPal

PAN no verification is a simple straight forward operation. You can submit a PAN Card Enquiry or if your card has been destroyed lost or if your card has been stolen you can follow how to get duplicate PAN Card if you need your card reissued.

 PAN no verification screen


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