PAN Card for NRI

A PAN card for NRI is compulsory for all non-resident Indians (NRI) who generate income in India in order to pay income tax as mandated by the Securities and Exchange board of India (SEBI). In addition, in order to own any land or property in India, an NRI is required to have a PAN card. If you are required to submit an income tax return on behalf of others then you must have a PAN card.

You can use Form 60, exemption to provide PAN, in order to purchase cars, etc. instead of applying for a PAN.

The NRI PAN card, like the PAN card, is issued by the Government of India Income Tax Department. In order to obtain a PAN Card for NRI first access the Government of India Income Tax Department portal and correctly fill in the online PAN application form. As an NRI, be sure to use your address abroad and not an address in India.

The form is submitted online however the acknowledgement receipt form needs to be downloaded, printed and mailed to the NSDL PAN in Mumbai with associated documentation.  A fee of Rs 944 is required to be paid with the submission in order to process the application.  In addition you can download the application form – Form 49A and mail it to the NSDL PAN in Mumbai with associated fees and documentation.

Associated required documents include proof of Identification (passport copy), proof of address abroad (utility bills, credit card bills, etc), Photocopy of non-resident external (NRE) bank account details notarized by the Indian Embassy, a photocopy of your foreign bank branch account details and a recent color photo.

PAN Number format

You make a PAN Card enquiry online at the Government of India’s Income Tax department website.

NRI PAN Application

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