PAN Card Application for NRI

A PAN Card application for NRI can be obtained from or from an IT PAN Service Center. Re-printed or photocopied forms from originals will be rejected. The nonresident Indian should use black ink when filling in the form and signing the application and the form can be submitted from inside or outside India.

A recent 3.5 cm X 2.5 cm colored photograph should be pasted to the application. Do not staple or clip the photo. The photo will be used for the image on the PAN Card and a low quality image will affect the quality of the photo on the PAN Card. If using a thumb print, the thumb print must be accompanied by the official seal or stamp of a Gazetted officer, Magistrate or Notary Public.

PAN Card Application for NRI

When filling in the application, each square box whenever provided should only contain one character whether a letter, number or punctuation sign and you should leave one box empty after each word. The addressing officer (AO) and area codes need to be filled in by the applicant. If required, please consult with an IT PAN Service Center for help with these codes before submitting a PAN Card Application for NRI.

When filling in the full name use capital letters. Do not abbreviate, use initials or nicknames for the ‘full name’ section in the form. As well, do not use titles and leave a blank box between names. The name printed on the PAN Card cannot be longer than 25 letters. If your full name is longer than 25 letters then you should abbreviate your name, but do not use nick names or aliases. You can use initials or suitable abbreviated names. When filling out the earlier name section follow the same instructions as the full name section.

Father’s name is to be filled out in the same fashion as the full name and earlier name sections. Do not put husband’s name. This section is only applicable to individuals.

The date of birth section should follow the day, month and year format using numbers with day and month using two digits. If you were born in January the number would be 01 and if you were born on the sixth day use 06. For an individual use your actual date of birth, for companies use date of incorporation, for association of persons use the date of creation or formation, for trusts or association of Person use date of creation or trust deed, for partnership companies use date of partnership deed and for Hindu undivided family (HUF) use date of created of HUF.

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The registration no. section is not applicable to individuals or HUF applications. Companies should state their registration number as issued by the Registrar of Companies and other applicant should state their registration number as issued by any state or central government authority.

For the salaried employee section write the name of the employing organization. Use the relevant code corresponding to your profession or business as found in the list attached in the general information of PAN applicants overleaf. Applicants not employed by an organization or covered in the list of professional or business codes list must mention their source of income and why they are applying for a PAN card in the ‘others’ section.

Nonresidents, minors as well as others can be represented by a representative assessee as stipulated in section 160 of the IT Act of 1961. The representative assessee information is stated in the name and address of the representative assessees section where applicable. All other information on the application will contain details of the person under whose behalf the application is being submitted for except for this one section. If a representative assessee is being utilized then the representative assessee will sign the application form.

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Finally, in the enclosures section you list the documents that you will attach with the application and will serve as a proof of Identity and address. A list of acceptable documents can be found in the general information for PAN applicants attached with the application form.

Documents required for proof of identification and addresses for individuals outside India at the time of the application are a copy of passport (Identification), Copy of passport for proof of address, copy of bang account in country of residence, copy of nonresident external (NRE) bank account statement with at least two customer induced transactions within the last six month period attested by an Indian Embassy or High commission or consulate in the applicants current country.

For foreign citizens residing in India at the time of a PAN application you will need to provide, for proof of identity,  a copy of passport or a copy of Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card issued by the government of India and for proof of address any copy of your passport, bank account in India, residential permit issued by a State Police Authority, Registration certificate from a Foreigner’s Registration officer, Government of India issued PIO card copy, NRE Bang account statement with at least two customer induced transactions within the last six months as attested by an Indian embassy, high commission or consulate officer.

For foreign citizens residing outside of India at the time of application for proof of identification use a copy of your passport, copy of National ID or copy of PIO card. For proof of address use copy of passport, copy of national ID, Bang account statement in country of residence, PIO card or NRE bang account statement with at least two transactions within the last six months.

For non-individuals having an office in India you can use any document in respect to Karta of HUF, copy of the certificate of registration issued by the Registrar of firms or Partnership deed for companies, copy of trust deed or certificate of registration issued by Charity Commission. For AOP, BOI, Local Authorities,  or AJPs use a copy of registration issued by the Charity Commission, Registrar of Co-operative Society, any competent authority or any Central State Government Department document that establishes the identity and address of the applicant.

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For entities having an office in India use a copy of the registration in India, approval granting the setup of an office in India by Indian authorities, home country registration certificate attested to by Indian embassy, high commission, consulate or Apostille in their home country.

If you have already have a PAN card or have already submitted a PAN card application for NRI, then you can check the status of your card or application by using the PAN Card status Enquiry India Government website.

PAN Card Application for NRI form

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