Am I living in Reverse-so World?

Am I living in Reverse-so World?


Victoria Police in Australia have sent event organizers for talks from Laura Southern and Stefan Molyneux an invoice for $67,000 AUD because retarded antifa dickheads decided to, well, be retarded antifa dickheads. An initial look at this might leave some with the attitude that this seems appropriate. If you have an event which requires police or extra or concentrated amounts of police, then the event organizer should foot this ‘bill’.

However, if you look at it from a maligned nefarious perspective then you might think, hey let’s go create mischief and destroy things at the Christian event down at the arena, shall we, so the bill will be so high that the Christians (or event organizer) will not be able to have events ever again. Do you see a problem here? I do, several.

The first problem is the police are already paid for and should never ‘invoice’ anyone unless they are specifically being hired by somebody for security, if this is even possible.  The second problem is if we do this then a certain group in society will become fascists dictating what is and is not OK for all society. Thirdly, people who intentionally and voluntarily with intent conspire to and carry out criminal acts will not only be above the law but will be motivated to act in their violent ways.

Finally, there is a message hidden that is symbolic here. We, society, are not allowed to participate in discourse and I believe this to be extremely dangerous to our societies. I l get the feeling that the police are on the antifa side. I get the feeling that the police do not want the event to take place and events like this should not take place in the future. Finally, I do not think the police, antifa or the Australian people are being fair, or they would step up and condemn this action by their police force which at this point deserve ZERO respect.

I believe this is setting horrible precedent in Australia and this is one step closer to Australia being a place I would never wish to visit. If the police wish to ‘recoup’ expenses, which I believe they have no right to do as they are a paid-by-tax service, then they should partition their government agencies and governments for a higher budget. Additionally, they could arrest several of the (at this point) non-peaceful, criminal protesters and ‘invoice’ them.

What we are seeing happening right in front of our eyes is an awesome country, a beautiful country, a great country turning in to a shit-hole country. I prey that Australians wake up.



Is there Plagiarism at Steemit?

Is there Plagiarism at Steemit?

I usually wait for my voting power to be 100% before giving votes. Sometimes I give a few votes too many as the content is just that great and deserves some form of recognition. However, I have been realizing that a lot of content at Steemit is plagiarized. Should you ever upvote plagiarized content? The answer to this is yes, sometimes.

But that person is a thief and stole another person’s content. Under what circumstances would it be ethical or moral to upvote their content? It is my opinion that if a person references the original content like academic publications do, then it is OK to upvote the content.

Secondly, I don’t think the reference standard needs to be as stringent as academic reference guidelines. What I mean is I think it is OK to completely and entirely repost a document if it is important or if you feel it is important. If you state that it is not your content and where it can be found I feel this is acceptable.

Finally, a content developer usually posts their content on their own resource whether it be a website domain or a blog they own.  There are many plugins such as Steem Plus and facilities online that allow you to post that content to several places. For instance, if you copy a bit of this article into your paste buffer and search it, you might see it on my blog as I use Steem Plus to post my blog posts to Steemit.  One might think the content is plagiarized but if you look at the Google results you can usually determine quickly if the content is plagiarized.


I do not upvote plagiarized content. If I am following someone and they post plagiarized content, I unfollow them. What do you think, is it OK to upvote blatantly plagiarized content? Are there any instances, such as I have mentioned t where you think it is acceptable to upvote plagiarized content?

Would you live in the UK?

Would you live in the UK?

I used to think I would like to live in the UK. I am Canadian, and I thought that Canadians were closer to the Brits culturally than the US.  I used to think that Canada and the UK allowed free speech. Both do not, and the US is the only country in the world where free speech is a right.

That is amazing when you really break that down. Hate speech has been the big culprit that has weakened free speech. Hate speech is a non-entity.  That’s like saying that some idea is a dangerous idea and you are not allowed to think those dangerous ideas.

No Free Speech

People with derogatory speech towards someone or something should be allowed. No, it’s not nice. The law is not established to be nice. It is established fair. You do not have to agree with that person’s banter. You can express your dislike or why you think they are wrong. Public ostracization should be the only penalty those that speak ideas that are somehow considered inappropriate should face.

Canada is bad for speech. Currently the Canadian government are implementing compelled speech. That is speech that you must say, or you are in breech of the law. Does 2+2=5 sound familiar to anyone? There is hope if Canada stops drinking the cool-aid as it is spiked and get rid of that feminist soy boy PM.

The UK is quickly becoming like Canada. They vote to Brexit and the cry-baby government will not do its job. They should be held in contempt and literally thrown in jail, each and every member of the ruling party for not representing the British people as they sworn to do while they drain the coffers.

Additionally, the UK has some seriously draconian speech laws. Tommy Robinson comes to mind. So, does Count Dankula. Lauren Southern of whom the British people should be up in arms over not being allowed in their country to protect their tiny little feelings should be allowed to say what she says. Who gets to decide whether what she says is OK or not? Who and why?  The UK and the government has become an utter joke.

Jesse Lee Peterson was in the UK on a talk show and he almost got the show (Piers Morgan) kicked of British airways because she said what he thinks. Silly black man, he is not allowed to say what he thinks. He is not eve allowed to think what he thinks.

No. I have absolutely no inclination to live or even visit the UK. It has become annexed by something that does not resemble what I used to think were British people.  I prefer to stay in Asia in a country that is known for substantial human rights violations where you do not have free speech, but in an ironical situation, the government here leaves you alone for the most part as long as you adhere to their silly immigration laws which are 100% discretionary.

Do you use Bitcoin Exchange Thailand?

Do you use Bitcoin Exchange Thailand?

With the recent activity in crypto currencies, there is no better time available than now to get involved if you are not. The easiest and best way to get involved if you are in Thailand is to use Bitcoin Exchange Thailand.  Bitcoin Exchange Thailand allows you to use fiat currency (baht) to purchase various cryptocurrencies. It allows you to hook your bank account directly to Bitcoin Exchange Thailand for buying into the crypto markets or cashing out and depositing into your bank.

Hook Your Bank Up to Crypto

So, if you live in Thailand and you want to take advantage of crypto, that is buy or sell crypto and you do not already have an account with Bitcoin Exchange Thailand, then what are you waiting for?

Bitcoin Exchange Thailand


Should you use Coinmama’s Affiliate Program?

Should you use Coinmama’s Affiliate Program?

Succinctly, no. As denoted in previous articles Coinmama is a service you can buy various crypto currencies from and they have an affiliate program which, as stated in previous articles, they do not honor according to their own rules. They pay 4 times a year instead of their own stated every two weeks.

As exchanges are slowly implementing their own fiat currency facilities, Coinmama is slowly dying a death of a thousand cuts. Why you would invest income or your time in a dying company’s affiliate program of which the company has little to no respect for themselves? To make matters worse, they have recently implemented a new program website and system, a little too little too late as far as I am concerned, which totally renders anything you have done for this program as useless. They implemented a new referrer URL and ID for affiliates out of the blue with no notice and have rendered the old ur-id useless as they will not work.

Just another reason to stay away from this particular affiliate program. Coinmama has taken sucking at one’s job to a whole new level.