Do you Understand what Inequality is?

Do you Understand what Inequality is?

What inequality is not, is poverty. When people talk about inequality they usually try to sway people by tugging on their emotions and showing poverty-stricken children suffering as they try and obtain or beg for food. However, they are not suffering because of inequality, they are suffering because of poverty, because they are poor.

We often myopically focus on inequality and conflate poverty and inequality, running the risk of missing the real problem which is poverty. When we focus on examples of inequality, we usually focus on some snapshot in time and summarize what is shown in that snapshot as inequality.  For instance, if we were to look at 100 people, we would find that there are several people that earn 30K or less, some earn 40K, some 50K, some 60K and so forth. The inequality abounds. This is the main argument in the wage gap that most of the population has been sheepishly hoodwinked into believing by ill informed or dangerous feminists.

However, if we take the time to imagine for one moment that each of these people no matter how much they earn are on a conveyor belt running through the various aspects and stages of their careers. The people earning the least are just starting their careers, the people in the middle-income brackets are mid-level in their careers and the people earning the most are furthest along in their careers with the most experience, have the most time in the work force and have achieved the most education.

People just about to enter the conveyor belt are students who are learning skills and preparing to enter the work force as they finish their education. There is inequality everywhere we look and is constant and persistent. However, as time moves along, and our conveyor belts moves along, we see that each person at some point moves through one category to another and by they time they finish their career or the ride on the conveyor belt, each person earns over $500,000 or so.

In this example we have persistent inequality at every point in time, but over time, for the most part, everyone is equal. Of course, there is inequality of outcome, some people earn more than others, but when we talk about inequality, we usually look at a snapshot in time and see people with low incomes, moderate incomes and substantial incomes and say look at all the inequality.

The correct way to observe inequality is to look at it over time and observe over time how people move, some from one category up to another while others move from a category down to another. By looking for inequality over time, we still see inequality, but we see markedly less inequality than when we just view a snapshot in time.


Additionally, when we focus on inequality, invariably we tend to see a focus on the flow of money and ignore the flow of good and services. If you ask a room of lecture participants how many have $50,000 or even $25,000 in the bank, very few will respond positively, raising their hands. However, when you ask how many have a smart phone, or surf the Internet daily or even how many have an Internet package hooked up to their smart phone, then we seen that almost 100% raise their hands. When we look at money, we see inequality, but when we look at the good and services that arise in response to that money, we see overwhelming equality.

One of the most commonly used measurements of inequality is the Gini coefficient which is a measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income or wealth distribution of a nation’s residents. 0 on the Gini Index means everyone is equal and 1.0 means that one person is rich and everyone else is poor. The two most equal countries according to the Gini Index are Sweden (0.272) and Afghanistan (0.278). These two countries are the most equal regarding the dispersion of income among their residents as it gets on planet earth.

Residents in Sweden on average earn USD 30,553 and in Afghanistan USD 410. Equality does not mean we are well off. Equality can mean that we are equally miserable. Focusing on false understandings of inequality will divert our attention from real problems, namely poverty. People can be persistently unequal yet be perfectly equal over time. Contemporary discussions of inequality usually ignore half of the economy and only focuses on money. Further, equality is not necessarily good in the first place.

Typically, we confuse inequality that exists at one point in time over an inequality that is much less over time and we tend to think that equality is good when in fact it may not be.

Should you Use Patreon or PayPal to Pay Content Developers?

Should you Use Patreon or PayPal to Pay Content Developers?

Patreon and PayPal frequently kick users off their services based on faulty leftist ideologies. As YouTube is totally useless regarding payment of content developers, many content developers use either PayPal or Patreon. These services earn fees every time you make a payment no matter how small. For Instance, if you pay a content developer $1 US a month via PayPal, the content developer earns around $0.65 US of that dollar. Therefore, you are paying leftists 35% of what you want a content developer to be paid.


There are other options that allow for smaller or micro payments with smaller or micro percentages of fees. One such option is to use any form of crypto currency. It is imperative that content developers who care about their patrons to use Crytpo currencies. Many still do not. I suggest you nudge them a bit to utilize crypto currencies. If they do not want to use crypto, I suggest you do not pay them.


I do not think it is wrong for a payer to expect maximum utilization of their donations. If a content developer does not care about your money, you should not care about their money. Even if you are ‘rich’ and can waste your money on whims, you should realize these services who are earning a fee from you because a content developer is too lazy or stupid to use crypto are leftists and that they finance leftist ideas and programs. You are literally giving money to someone that wants to steal your money and silent your voice.

Recently, I have canceled all my subscriptions to Patreon. I stopped using PayPal for contributions around 9 months ago.  I encourage you to do the same and for you to encourage your favorite content developers who do not take advantage of crypto to enter the 21st century. In the long run this is good for you and them as they cannot be kicked off the blockchain, earn a higher percentage from your contributions, and it’s easier.

Is it Possible to be for Equality?

Is it Possible to be for Equality?

Some argue for equality of opportunity while others argue for equality of outcome. There is no equality ever and you can never create equality. Equality and inequality are inseparable. When we look at three different people trying to watch a baseball game from behind a fence each on a box, we see that each person faces an equality opportunity however there are unequal outcomes.  Each person stands on a box but because they are different heights two can see the game and one cannot see the game.

The right-hand picture of the three people shows an equality of outcome but an inequality of opportunity. One person has two boxes, one has one box and one has no box. However, all can see the game. Therefore, you cannot be for or against equality, you can only be for or against some combination of equality and inequality.

If you are for equality of opportunity, it is impossible to be for equality of outcome, you are therefore against equality of outcome. If you are for equality of outcome you are against equality of opportunity. People are different as some are taller, older, stronger, faster, smarter or luckier than others. Each and everyone of us are born into different circumstances and if left alone, then we are afforded equality of opportunity and because of this some of us will rise above others resulting in an inequality of outcome.

It is because we are different that the only way to achieve equality of outcome is through the imposition of an inequality of opportunity so as to boost those Darwin would say are less strong, less smart, less educated, less skilled, holding back those that are more.


Dare I state that it takes a special type of ego to think that if there is a god that you know better and can do better than it can, that it takes a special type of logic to think the  management of resources for the imposition of inequality of opportunity  is better and easier and fairer than not meddling in the natural affairs of reality and physics for the subjective ‘good’ that you have determined through your special blend of social justice and your virtues to be more noble than others’ subjective good and virtues.

One cannot be for equality. Equality and inequality are inseparable, and one can only be for a combination of equality and inequality. But, try and tell that to a do-gooder who does not understand the subjectivity of right and wrong, good and bad, ugly and beauty.



Is Corporate PC a Waste of your Time?

Is Corporate PC a Waste of your Time?

Yes. In a bid to be ‘PC’ corporations waste not only their money and resources but also your money and resources. Firstly, corporations pay for nothing, their profits do which means consumers pay for any programs they might initiate. Recently, I had the misfortune to inquire about bereavement fares at a national airline for Canada.

The Bereavement Fares program on Air Canada’s website looks like they spent a lot of time and resources developing the policy and website. It is full of qualifying edicts and restrictions. Air Canada states that the program is to remove restrictions that a flyer encounters during traveling home during a difficult time. Unfortunately, they offer no discount. With all due respect they do state that you can probably find a cheaper rate on any website.

If fact, using their program will cost you more than just looking for a good fare. Next, they add substantial restrictions and do’s and don’ts. Not using their programs are much less restrictive than using their program. For instance, you need to provide several documents above normal requirements and meet qualifying parameters. You need to book travel within 10 days of traveling and can only stay 60 days.

To be honest, I do not understand why someone would use this program. Even if one was ridden with sorrow, it would be easier to just book a flight online. It would be cheaper to just book a flight online. It would be less restrictive to just book a flight online.

After finding out how the program operates, I was left trying to figure out why this program exists and why Air Canada spends any time, money and resources on this program when it has absolutely nothing to offer the bereaved. It is apparent that the program exists for people that do not use the program as an indicator that Air Canada cares and at some points treat their customers like human beings. I do not think they do as they charge the bereaved more than normal customers. This program is useless, offensive and is only used cosmetically for people to think well of the company who do not use this program. Ultimately, Air Canada offers sugar-coated hope to people in a hopeless, depressed state, then created more hopelessness and despair to individuals that need to obtain some indication of the good will of mankind.

Air Canada should remove this sham of a program from their website. For any person that inquires about this program they are left with a very bad impression of Air Canada.

Recognize What You Have

I spent two hours speaking with my young 6-year-old daughter tonight on my PC with an application called LINE which allows me to speak and see her on our phones or computers.  Sometimes I get very angry that my daughter and I are not together. It breaks my heart every minute of the day. I just want our lives to be ‘normal’. The time I get to speak and see her is so precious. By far the most important times of my life now. I know things can and should be better than this and it destroys me.

On July 23, 2018 another father, Donny, I dare not say was lucky enough to be able to be spending time with his young 10-year-old daughter Julianna. They were having ice cream on a warm summer Monday night just like millions of other lucky fathers and daughters could only be lucky enough to be doing as well. Unfortunately, there was evil in the streets that night.

Both Julianna and Donny, her father, were senselessly shot while having ice cream. 13 other innocent people were also shot that evening. Julianna was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children while her father Donny was separated from her and rushed to St. Michael’s Hospital.

At one point, it became clear that Donny’s little girl was not going to make it. Donny had himself sustained major injuries and had to be rushed by ambulance to Hospital for Sick Children to say good bye to little Julianna.

For me, this is the definition of pure sadness. This story re-frames my situation to me. No matter how difficult or how sucky my life might seem to me, I am sure it could be worse.  I always know that I am a lucky man, but this story just amplifies it. The grief I feel in my heart for Donny Kozis and his family is immense.

The Kozis family have requested privacy as they continue to deal with their grief, but I am sure there are millions of people sharing their grief with them and no matter how alone they feel, they are not alone.