$15 to $20 US an hour, work from home

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Do you or someone you know need a job? If you have a cam, microphone and reasonable Internet bandwidth, then I have a job for you that you can start right away on. Contact form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdbU2VNsfRaUJ78ZP4Gz5dfsLrZyozTUwhELaD-2bjYHBXrSw/viewform?usp=sf_link   If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at jobsyt @ h20ho.com

Social Anomolies

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Social Anomalies Survey I need to collect data for research I am completing. Please fill in this quick 30 second long survey. Thank you very much.   Social Anomalies Survey  

My Opinion Will not Exist

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Opinions are a Commodity My opinions are mine. They are the cumulative destination of all the events I, as a human being, have experienced, how much I perceive and interpret during the events, and how I interpret them as to whether I believe them to be true or not true regarding my idea of what […]

Why Men are Portrayed as Dumb in the Media

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Men are Stupid It is ubiquitous, this image of a dumb man, father or typical man married to a stunningly beautiful genius woman. This is the norm for many of television’s sitcoms for decades such as Bewitched, Married with Children, Everyone loves Raymond and The Simpsons to just name a few. Is this a reflection […]

The Unstoppable Spiraling Effect of Gynocentric Tentacles

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YouTube Censorship, Advertiser Censorship Recently, there has been a lot of adieu about the censoring of YouTube videos and channels that promote messages that advertisers do not like. This is normal, fair and natural in capitalist economies. After all businesses are not in the business to not make money. As their goals, usually, include making […]