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For the latest information from the Government of India type income tax in Google and proceed to an official government site.

The Government of India has mandated the Income Tax Department of India to oversee and administer all aspects of taxes. In addition to the mandates, the Government bestowed wide sweeping powers upon the Income Tax Department.

Today, the Income Tax Department is robust and secure offering an array of services reducing costs associated with operation and increasing individual user services. The NSDL has been tasked with handling PAN applications and statuses of applications both online and manually.  Again, to find out most recent information on PAN type PAN income tax in Google and proceed to an official Government site.

Income Tax Department India PR

India’s Income Tax Department was incorporated in 1922 after the Income Tax Act of 1922.  After nearly 90 years the Income Tax Department has seen many face lifts and has changed numerous times into what is known of it today.

India’s Income Tax Department looks like it’s going to be around for a long time. In addition, it looks like typing income tax in Google is going to stay around for a long time too, that is unless you can just type www.income Tax Refund Status in your browser. One thing is for sure, it will be easier to find the Indian Governments Income Tax websites, pay taxes online, PAN Card Verification or application online, or find your status of your application or refund.


Your TIN-NSDL PAN Status is more important now that a PAN is mandatory in order to submit taxes or receive a refund in India and there are many reasons why you might want a status of a PAN.  In addition, a PAN is becoming required for many other aspects of life in India. If you want a PayPal account with an Indian address you need a pan, if you want to buy a cellular phone you require a PAN, If you want a bank account or to hook up electricity to your home, you need a PAN.

TIN-NSDL PAN means Tax Information Network – National Securities Depository Limited Permanent Account Number. Every tax paying Indian citizen is required to have one and only one. This number follows you around for your life. The means if your card is stolen, lost or destroyed, then you will need a reprint of the same number on a new card.

There are many reasons when you need to know a status of a PAN.  Most common reasons are if you have just submitted a new application for a first time card, if you need a reprint of a card, if you need to verify that the PAN is not fake or verify that the data on the PAN is accurate.

When trying to find the status of a personal card you require the first, middle, last name of the holder and the holder’s father as well as the holders date of birth. You cannot verify the status of someone else’s PAN unless you are an authorized institution that has an account in standing order.

Knowing the status of your personal card or application can save you time and headache. If the process is held up and requires additional information, knowing this status can ensure that you provide the required information in a timely fashion and ensure the continued processing of your current application.

In addition, you need to ensure that the data is spelled in the format that the ITD has on that PAN. Any slight variation will render no results from your search. If you need a PAN Number Verification you will either have to contact an agency that is empowered to divulge that information or settle with a lack of information.

On a personal basis, knowing your TIN-NSDL PAN Status can save you time and ensure that your current application process proceeds in a timely fashion.

NSDL PAN Card Status

NSDL PAN Card Status

Knowing your NSDL PAN Card status is even more important now since the NSDL PAN became mandatory in India in 2005. The NSDL PAN card is a mandatory card required by any Indian in India to be able to do business in India.

It’s easy to get and has nominal application fees associated with the application process. Having a PAN card protects you from excessive taxes. The application process has two methods, manual and online. Both require that you validate your address, father’s name and that you provide a recent color photo as this photo will be imposed upon the card. Once the application process is finished it can take up to one month before you receive your PAN card.

If you lose your card, if it’s stolen, if it has incorrect data or if you never received the card in the mail, you will be required to apply for a new reprinted card.  In addition, you will need to notify local authorities so as to protect yourself from abuse if the card ends up in the wrong hands. The application process is very similar to the original application, has nominal fees associated with it and can take up to a month after the application process is fulfilled before you will receive your new reprinted card.

NSDL PAN Card Status

In either process the NSDL PAN Card status is useful for you to determine if everything is OK or if you need to provide additional information. The NSDL PAN Card status can be checked online or via phone. After successfully applying for a card or a reprinted card you will need to provide the correct spelling of the data on the card in order to check your NSDL PAN Card status. The application process allows you to use abbreviations for your name also, if you only have one name you will need to register it as a surname, as surname is the only required field in the name on the application.

Be sure to make note of any changes you make in the spelling of your name or your father’s name if you wish to take advantage of the NSDL PAN Card status facility.

You can check your PAN Card Status by name and date of birth via the NSDL PAN Card status facility website. Whether it is a new card being issued to a new recipient or if you are taking following the How to get a Duplicate PAN Card application process, you will be given a 15-digit acknowledgement number that you will need to make note of.

World Currencies List

World Currencies List

Here is the world currencies list for the top 10 largest economies on earth.

The United States of America

The currency in the United states is the American dollar.

The American dollar has been used to compare currencies from all over the world every since the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement.


The currency in China is the Chinese yuan.

Chinese Yuan


The currency in Japan is the Japanese yen.


The currency in Germany is the Euro. Germany’s traditional currency was the Deutshe mark


The currency in France is the Euro. France’s traditional currency was the French franc.

United Kingdom

The currency in the United Kingdom is the UK pound.


The currency in Brazil is the Real.

currency in Brazil


The currency in Italy is the Euro. Italy’s traditional currency was the Italian lira.


The currency in India is the Indian rupee.


The currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar.

 Canadian $1000 bill

Here is a short video highlighting various currencies.

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