PAN Card No

A PAN Card No is a number that is associated with a tax-paying person in India. The PAN Card No is similar to the Social Security Number in the US or the Social Insurance Number in Canada. This is the main number you will be associated with in regard to the Indian Government.

PAN is an acronym for Permanent Account Number. Citizens are only allowed to have one PAN for them individually. The PAN is a 10 digit alpha-numeric number with 5 letters, then 4 numbers then one final letter. It is a criminal offence to have more than one PAN Card no or use another person’s PAN number. It is an offence to apply for a new PAN number if you already have a PAN.

It is also illegal to knowingly use a number that is not valid. Data can be changed and another card with the proper information will be dispatched. The number on the new card will be the same as the original number. It is possible to be able to verify that a number is fake or invalid if you know that format of the structure of the PAN.

You can change the number if you have personal reasons that warrant the number to be changed. This requires a form to be completed in full and fees to be paid. The application is submitted and then you need to wait for the processing to be completed.

PAN is not mandatory if you make no income. If you earn income, have taxable income, want to buy a car, want to buy land or hook up utilities or even use PayPal, you need to have a PAN number.  It is in your best interest to get a PAN before you need it. It is safe to say that every Indian citizen will need a PAN as some point in their life.

PAN Card no

A PAN and PAN Card are distributed by the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). All issuances of cards are performed by the NSDL. All data correction are submitted and processed through the NSDL as well.  If you lose, destroy or have your PAN Card stolen, it is your responsibility and in your best interests to contact local authorities and make a statement.

In addition, you should contact local authorities if you suspect someone of using a fake or other person’s PAN.

If you submit a PAN Card Enquiry you can find data associated with a PAN Card No, if the number is valid or if the status of the card is valid or not.

PAN No Verification

You might have a need to perform a PAN no verification. If you forget your number, if you are unsure of your own number, if your card has been lost, destroyed, stolen or if you wish to verify someone else’s number because you suspect it is fake and need to verify their identification.


PAN no verification

The PAN no verification process has changed over the past 50 years. The public no longer take advantage of this option.  Only a few years ago, this functionality was available to the general public. There are still ways to access the PAN no verification process. Today, the functionality is only available to qualified, registered, approved organizations and you will need to go through them.

There are three ways to perform a PAN no verification. The first method is for when you want to verify your own number which you should be able to do easily.  You can do this online at the Government of India Income Tax Department website portal. You need your first, middle and last name as it is on file, as well as your birthdate and your father’s first, middle and last name. In addition, you can perform this task at the Income Tax department of India.

Another way to verify if a PAN no is valid is to have an agency do it for you. Many agencies have authorization to do this. You can contact the Government of India Income Tax Department and get them to verify the PAN Card for you. As well, you can submit a grievance. This will provide you a PAN number is or is not valid.

A more difficult third way is to manually verify the format of the number. You need to be aware that a person uses a nickname that is or is not on the PAN Card. In addition, their PAN card can be registered to a company name. You need to know the PAN Card format. The Pan format is specifically formatted and follows its own rules.

PAN no verification for PayPal

PAN no verification is a simple straight forward operation. You can submit a PAN Card Enquiry or if your card has been destroyed lost or if your card has been stolen you can follow how to get duplicate PAN Card if you need your card reissued.

 PAN no verification screen


PAN Card for NRI

A PAN card for NRI is compulsory for all non-resident Indians (NRI) who generate income in India in order to pay income tax as mandated by the Securities and Exchange board of India (SEBI). In addition, in order to own any land or property in India, an NRI is required to have a PAN card. If you are required to submit an income tax return on behalf of others then you must have a PAN card.

You can use Form 60, exemption to provide PAN, in order to purchase cars, etc. instead of applying for a PAN.

The NRI PAN card, like the PAN card, is issued by the Government of India Income Tax Department. In order to obtain a PAN Card for NRI first access the Government of India Income Tax Department portal and correctly fill in the online PAN application form. As an NRI, be sure to use your address abroad and not an address in India.

The form is submitted online however the acknowledgement receipt form needs to be downloaded, printed and mailed to the NSDL PAN in Mumbai with associated documentation.  A fee of Rs 944 is required to be paid with the submission in order to process the application.  In addition you can download the application form – Form 49A and mail it to the NSDL PAN in Mumbai with associated fees and documentation.

Associated required documents include proof of Identification (passport copy), proof of address abroad (utility bills, credit card bills, etc), Photocopy of non-resident external (NRE) bank account details notarized by the Indian Embassy, a photocopy of your foreign bank branch account details and a recent color photo.

PAN Number format

You make a PAN Card enquiry online at the Government of India’s Income Tax department website.

NRI PAN Application

PAN Card Status Enquiry India

If you are concerned about your PAN card application process or the validity of a PAN card or data, Whether you are requesting allotment of a card, reprint of a card or changes or corrections to a card you will have to make a status enquiry either manually or online. If you make an online status enquiry then you will have to use the Government’s PAN Card status enquiry India website in order to find the status of your PAN Card application.

The Government of India Income Tax Department has mandated that having a PAN is required to pay or receive a refund of taxes in India. The PAN application process takes up to one month, costs fees and requires supporting documentation. You can initiate the PAN Application process in person, manually through the post or online.

 PAN Card

There are two types of PAN Card application status enquiries. The first type of application status enquiry is for the status of a current allotment application where the applicant is applying for a first time PAN card. In addition, if your application is for a reprint of PAN card or corrections / changes of PAN data this type of status will deal with this application.

Another type of PAN Card status enquiry will come from authorized users of the verification process. Government agencies, organizations such as utilities, banks as well as other types of organizations pay to verify PAN Card statuses. Typical status would be ‘In database and active’, ‘not found in database’ or ‘Fake PAN’. An electricity utility company might verify a PAN upon request of a new account or a bank might verify data associated with a PAN.

There are two methods to check the status of your new PAN Card or your reprint of PAN Card, online or manually. Both processes cost money and both require supporting documentation to be submitted to the ITD. In addition, both processes can take upwards to a month to complete given that there are on problems.

A PAN Card Verification through PAN Number can only be performed by an authorized, registered company, organization or agency that is paid up to date and their account is in good standing. This process requires the verifier to have a Digital Signature Certificate. In addition, there are three different types of accounts, all of which allow for up to 750 verifications per day.


When you submit an application for a PAN online, you can submit a PAN Card enquiry on the status of your application by using the Government’s PAN Card status enquiry India website form. This form requires you to have your 15-digit acknowledgement number in order to access data.



India Against Corruption


When searching corruption on Google, the results are littered with information about India against corruption. On initial assumptions one might posit that India is riddled with corruption and they would not be wrong in assuming that. The fact is corruption is everywhere, in every nation on earth.  The fact that you see so much information on corruption in India is not because India is a cesspool of corruption but because India is at the forefront of anti-corruption.


In India, an India against corruption is a slogan. The Indian society is armed and has taken up against corruption. With the advent of technological advances in communications and electronics, we have seen it easier to expose corruption and market that information.


India against corruption


The Internet is a prime example. The Internet has given power to a powerless segment of society and allowed them, with a bit of hard work, to take matters into their own hands and do something about it. You can give information, organize and discuss, in a low-cost effective medium, strategies to not only combat corruption but compiles realistic statistics on the actually corruption level.



Advancements in electronics and communications impact many different industries.  Surveillance equipment invariably benefits from these advancements. Microphone and video qualities in situations that used to be difficult, dark situations or loud environments are not an issue any more. In addition, the sizes of these devices have gotten smaller and changes to materials used in the construction of equipment have modified designs.



Capturing a corrupt activity as evidence to fuel sanction and prosecution is easier now. In the past, physical evidence of corrupt acts was rare and only for the privileged and this contributed to a virtual black out of corruption based convictions. This evidence is also acting as a demotivation for corruptors for future corrupt acts.



A real benefit of a comingling of empowerment and technology in the fight against corruption, as seen in India, is the advent of creative measures to document, publicize and influence an aware society, of which corruptors are a part of.  In India, there are websites like that allow society to report instances of abuse. The incidents are investigated and any actions required from the results are taken.


India Against Corruption Cartoon


India against corruption could very well stop corruption in its tracks as well as change the social perception of corruption in general. The world has a lot of learn from this era in India and, if successful, you might read in the next paragraph on corruption that an India against corruption organization will be working in your very country in the near future.


Fast against Corruption