On Genetics Versus Environmental Constructs

On Genetics Versus Environmental Constructs

In consideration of a wage gap:

As countries become more egalitarian, that is, as countries become more gender neutral, less influenced by the marketed and perceived social constructs leftist and feminists promulgate, differences between men and women grow. The scientific data on this are clear. The overwhelming majority of the data were generated by left-leaning biased individuals and you cannot blame these findings on conservative scientists. These results were a shock to all involved and were the opposite of postulated hypotheses.

You cannot look at the data and evidence and lean towards different theories that counter one another unless one of the leaning theorists is being intellectually dishonest.

Although it can be argued that there is no place on earth were the genders are fully equal, the Scandinavian countries have by far come closest at this point in time. However, again the data show that an opposite effect of which the gender equality types have predicted is occurring. This is not based on theory or derived based on any political perspective, it is based on data driven results. The findings are that as we become more gender equal, gender differences grow, they do not shrink. Thus, gender equality has a negative relationship with gender differences.

For the most part, men and women are more alike than they are different, however small differences at population levels can turn into very large differences at the extreme. For instance, men and women are broadly similar when it comes to aggression though men lean a bit more than women towards aggression. If one was to choose a man and woman randomly from a population, 6 out of 10 times the man would be more aggressive than the woman. However, if you take the 1 in 100 most aggressive people, you will find that they are all male and therefore, the overwhelming proportion of people in our prisons are male.

What this proves is that equality of outcome is not natural. This situation cannot and should not be equalized. We should not put more women in jail because the most extreme of the aggressive are men. There are more men in prisons than women but 50% of the population are women. Equality of outcome dictates that that we should put more women in jail.  If we implemented equality outcome we would be implementing an unfair system that is prejudiced, sexist, and bigoted.

If you were to look at bricklayers, 99 % of them are male. Should we apply equality of outcome to that? Over 80% of the population in universities studying the humanities and social sciences are female, again should that be equalized? If you think this is the way to equality and fairness, then we are guaranteed to fail.

Men work longer hours, more dangerous jobs, more likely to work outside, more likely to move, more likely to work in jobs in STEM which are scalable and accordingly men make more money for those reasons. This is all hidden under the premise that the reason why men and women make different amounts of money is because of their gender which is a very simplistic, intellectually dishonest analysis.  Trying to address this is all but impossible when feminists and leftist purport that they are interested in freedom of choice and equality of opportunity, which is fine except you will not end up with equality of outcome which they foolishly demand.

Equality of outcome is a flawed concept borne of environmental causation opposed to genetics because if it is genetics that is responsible for differences between male and females and gender diversification in general, then changing the environment via equality of outcome will not work. If genetics are at all responsible in any percentage no matter how small, then equality of outcome is not a solution and should be avoided. You cannot legislate genetics. That is, you cannot make a law to change eye color. However, you can legislate how many women are MPs. You can legislate how many women are CEOs. You can legislate how much money women earn.

If differences are underpinned in genetics instead of 100% environmental, then the leftist’s solutions are obsolete, and principles of the left are obsolete.  Solutions dictated on equality of outcome then become discriminatory, sexist and bigoted. If you allow men and women to make their own choices regarding work, you do not get equality of outcome. You get what you see now in the workforce.


The lack of understanding of this fundamental premise between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome is what has been pushing our society into a gynocentric society for 50 years. The lack of understanding this fundamental premise between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome is what is driving the MGTOW community and lifestyle of millions of men today.

The failure of the left and feminists to accept genetics instead of sexism and bigotry, as the cause of their despair and resentment is reason for all men to become MGTOW for the time being. However, it will become apparent at some point in the future that it is time for them to go.


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