Is there Plagiarism at Steemit?

Is there Plagiarism at Steemit?

I usually wait for my voting power to be 100% before giving votes. Sometimes I give a few votes too many as the content is just that great and deserves some form of recognition. However, I have been realizing that a lot of content at Steemit is plagiarized. Should you ever upvote plagiarized content? The answer to this is yes, sometimes.

But that person is a thief and stole another person’s content. Under what circumstances would it be ethical or moral to upvote their content? It is my opinion that if a person references the original content like academic publications do, then it is OK to upvote the content.

Secondly, I don’t think the reference standard needs to be as stringent as academic reference guidelines. What I mean is I think it is OK to completely and entirely repost a document if it is important or if you feel it is important. If you state that it is not your content and where it can be found I feel this is acceptable.

Finally, a content developer usually posts their content on their own resource whether it be a website domain or a blog they own.  There are many plugins such as Steem Plus and facilities online that allow you to post that content to several places. For instance, if you copy a bit of this article into your paste buffer and search it, you might see it on my blog as I use Steem Plus to post my blog posts to Steemit.  One might think the content is plagiarized but if you look at the Google results you can usually determine quickly if the content is plagiarized.


I do not upvote plagiarized content. If I am following someone and they post plagiarized content, I unfollow them. What do you think, is it OK to upvote blatantly plagiarized content? Are there any instances, such as I have mentioned t where you think it is acceptable to upvote plagiarized content?

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