Is Marilyn Gladu an Oxygen Thief?

Is Marilyn Gladu an Oxygen Thief?

Canada is legalizing marijuana, and this is a great thing for humanity, Canada and the citizens of Canada. No longer will the government be able to strong-arm its citizens at the end of a gun to do what they want you to do because of no other reason than it is illegal, somehow. Why would anybody in their right mind put someone else in jail for wanting to smoke pot? Pot smokers are chill. Put people in jail for wanting to drink as drinkers are messed up. No, don’t do that because that is the same as putting them in jail because they smoke weed, except for the fact that alcohol is poison, makes you violent and not be able to control yourself, makes you black out, destroys your vital organs and is highly addictive and is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly.

Canada and other countries where marijuana is illegal uses tax dollars to police marijuana to the tune of billions of dollars per year. People caught violating these ridiculous laws are put in jail costing the taxpayer and have the rest of their lives ruined. They usually lose their jobs and any possessions that there were still paying on. Additionally, they are torn from their family and children, again with force by the might of the state. Why? Because they broke a law that should not be a law that upon research finds one wondering how it even became a law. It is a law that was legislated in a manner similar in a way as if I was the PM and did not like blue M&Ms and decided to outlaw them. Anyone caught with, eating, distributing or manufacturing blue M&Ms from this day forward will be subject and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The fact that marijuana is illegal gives the state access to violate not only citizens that violate these lame laws but puts innocents at risk as well. The price of marijuana is artificially distorted which is the primary reason a criminal element is attracted to it in the first place. Everything thing about this is bad for Canada and citizens. This type of legislation is dumb. Anybody who defends it is somebody you should be extremely afraid of. These people are psychopaths, can justify anything and are willing to kill you to maintain some form of legitimate façade to their irrelevant lives. These types of people are not intelligent, and their arguments are not grounded in any form of fact, reason or accountability. It is easy for anyone who takes the 5 minutes to think about it that the fact that marijuana is illegal is the problem. Please let me state that again and let it sink in and understand it. The fact that marijuana is illegal is the problem with marijuana. It creates a plethora of problems which cascade through society.

We need politicians who are not bought and paid for by political parties or any business or industry. We need politicians who are intelligent and use their intelligence to conduct themselves while fulfilling their duties.  Because of the fubar governments have created around the marijuana issue, crime and the black market that did not exist before legislation was created by government is rampant. Government is responsible for the entire mess. There is no doubt that, when considering past decisions, that in legalizing marijuana the last thing to be considered is going to be the citizen. Sure, they will say that they are concerned about this and that, but it will be lies because that is what the government knows how to do and does best, lie.  They will tax and regulate this industry to death and to the point that it is still advantageous and profitable to sell in a black market, police budgets will actually swell in an attempt to ‘fix’ the problem which should not exist and people’s lives will continue to be ruined by the government, oh I mean by them because they are bad people and taxes will increase, government will become bigger and whose fault is it, yours. You allow this. Don’t mutter expletives under your breath at me, you vote morons into office and then you say, they are the morons. No, you voted morons into office. Morons are morons and they act moronic and they make bad mistakes. You made a mistake. Own it and fix it.

Marilyn Gladu is one of these morons you voted into office in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario. I hope you are all ‘Gladu’ did it. In a display of her superior intellect and a display of pure genius, this oxygen thief polluted the ear drums of the Canadian Parliament with her vitriol stating that Mexican criminals will invade Canada if we legalize marijuana.  She is almost correct. Mexican criminals will invade Canada if you legalize marijuana and then take advantage of Canadians by keeping the price of marijuana inflated so the Canadian government can suck huge amounts of taxes from Canadians. This is the same as swapping marijuana drug dealing from street gangs to the Government gangs. The only difference is that Government gangs are more dangerous. The have bigger weapons, more thugs and imprison people and they do it without a conscious or competition. I do not think the purpose of legalizing marijuana was for the government to become drug dealers. I thought it was because the whole idea is dumb and has no logical or academic purpose and a large sector of Canadians enjoy marijuana and that this entire thing was about doing the right thing.

What this Marilyn Gladu is tacitly inferring is that anyone that smokes or uses marijuana products are criminals. What Marilyn Gladu means to say is that she thinks that 50% of Canadians, at least, are low-life criminals because they smoke marijuana. That if marijuana is legalized more low-life people will come to Canada, namely of the marijuana-smoking criminal Mexican persuasion.

We voted this oxygen thief into office. Who is the moron here? How dumb does one need to be to think that if one can go to the local corner store, 7/11, gas station or Green Gables and buy (if the government doesn’t mess the price up so you can afford them, which they will mess up) a packet of your favorite brand of spliffs or edible marijuana products, that some criminal element is going to either import (through the US mind you), grow illegally at great risk and no profit, marijuana to compete with the government?

Gentlemen, this is exactly why we need MGTOW. MGTOW see things through rose-colored filters. We need MGTOW in office. Going your own way is one thing but these oxygen thieves are going to invade your own way whenever, where ever and however they can and the use of any form of intellect is not a requirement. We can hide and go our own way for only so long until they don’t have anyone else to come after and infect.


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