Is Corporate PC a Waste of your Time?

Is Corporate PC a Waste of your Time?

Yes. In a bid to be ‘PC’ corporations waste not only their money and resources but also your money and resources. Firstly, corporations pay for nothing, their profits do which means consumers pay for any programs they might initiate. Recently, I had the misfortune to inquire about bereavement fares at a national airline for Canada.

The Bereavement Fares program on Air Canada’s website looks like they spent a lot of time and resources developing the policy and website. It is full of qualifying edicts and restrictions. Air Canada states that the program is to remove restrictions that a flyer encounters during traveling home during a difficult time. Unfortunately, they offer no discount. With all due respect they do state that you can probably find a cheaper rate on any website.

If fact, using their program will cost you more than just looking for a good fare. Next, they add substantial restrictions and do’s and don’ts. Not using their programs are much less restrictive than using their program. For instance, you need to provide several documents above normal requirements and meet qualifying parameters. You need to book travel within 10 days of traveling and can only stay 60 days.

To be honest, I do not understand why someone would use this program. Even if one was ridden with sorrow, it would be easier to just book a flight online. It would be cheaper to just book a flight online. It would be less restrictive to just book a flight online.

After finding out how the program operates, I was left trying to figure out why this program exists and why Air Canada spends any time, money and resources on this program when it has absolutely nothing to offer the bereaved. It is apparent that the program exists for people that do not use the program as an indicator that Air Canada cares and at some points treat their customers like human beings. I do not think they do as they charge the bereaved more than normal customers. This program is useless, offensive and is only used cosmetically for people to think well of the company who do not use this program. Ultimately, Air Canada offers sugar-coated hope to people in a hopeless, depressed state, then created more hopelessness and despair to individuals that need to obtain some indication of the good will of mankind.

Air Canada should remove this sham of a program from their website. For any person that inquires about this program they are left with a very bad impression of Air Canada.

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