Is Anything Negative Regarding Women Blocked In Google?

It has been my most unpleasant experience that when I try and find research results and or articles based on gender demographics no matter the topic that if the results show women in a bad light the results will be buried in both Google and Google Scholar (as well as many academic databases) to the point that you cannot find them.

Additionally, even if you were biased in your query, the results would show negative results for males even if you search for negative results for females. Of course, that is if the result of your query is negative towards males.

However, if the results of your query are negative towards female, the results will not be returned.

For instance, if you search the following in google

(non-gendered, biased): Why do most teachers lean to the Right rather than left?

Your results will be similar to:


Why teachers are more likely to be leftists

Left-wing thinking still prevails in schools

Higher Education has a strong Leftist Bias



(gendered, biased) Why are babies safest with their fathers?

Changed to:

Why are babies safe with their fathers?


The query:

(gendered, unbiased) Who are babies safest with: fathers or mothers?

Shows results for

Who are babies safe with: fathers or mothers?

If you change the query to your original query, the results change to be more accurate.


(gendered, biased) Do men harass more online than women?

(Gendered, unbiased) Who harasses more online: men or women?

I remember I once had a research paper that stated women harass more online than men. I think the article was from PEW and I tried to find it as it was not registered properly in my ENDNOTE application. I have not been able to find it at all or any other research that has these statistics. Additionally, I could not find any research data or percentages regarding this. If men statistically harassed people more than women did, I am sure we would see it populated all over Google results. However, you will not find any results or statistics on this. The research is completed, and you cannot find it.  Unfortunately, it has been experience considering that this data cannot be found and is hidden that women do more harassing online than men do.

If you can find any research papers regarding this topic please feel free to get me the link or post it here, thanks.

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