Interesting Facts About Hurricanes

There are many interesting facts about hurricanes many of which are not commonly known. For instance the scientific name for a hurricane is a tropical cyclone. The term hurricane is only used for tropical cyclones that form in the Atlantic Ocean, whereas in the Pacific Ocean they are called typhoons and in the Indian Ocean they are called cyclones.

Other interesting facts about hurricanes include that slow moving hurricanes are more dangerous than quick moving hurricanes. Slower hurricanes usually produce more rainfall and more physical damage. The largest hurricane known to man is also the oldest hurricane which is on Jupiter. We see this hurricane as a red spot on Jupiter; it is larger than earth and existed for over 300 years.  Hurricanes usually produce tornadoes which precede the actual hurricane. These tornadoes are usually not as powerful as standalone tornadoes and are sometimes called hurricane tornadoes.

Hurricanes are the only weather disturbance which we name. Naming conventions for hurricanes were formalized in 1953 when 6 lists of female names were used. In 1979 male names were added to the lists. If a hurricane is particularly devastating that name will be removed from the list and retired. The first instance of naming tropical cyclones was an Australian in the early 1900s.

Hurricanes rotate in counter-clockwise directions only. In addition, the most sever part of a hurricane is the hurricane wall at the eye of the hurricane in the right hand area, after the eye or back half of the hurricane according to its direction. The eye of the hurricane is calm and you can sometimes see blue skies in the eye. From this calm, the full impact of the hurricane hits the affected area with the highest wind speeds and slowly weakens as it passes by.

interesting hurricane facts

Another interesting fact about hurricanes is that there is no real ‘season’ for a hurricane. Hurricanes can happen any time of year, however, because the conditions that are required for a hurricane to form are abundant during the summer and early autumn seasons this time period is considered hurricane season.

The most hurricanes reported in a single year were 11 in 1995 and the first hurricane to cost over $1 billion in damages was category 3 hurricane Betsy in 1965.

These are just a few interesting facts about hurricanes. If you would like to read more interesting facts about hurricanes be sure to read the article Hurricane || Typhoon = Tropical Cyclone.

interesting hurricane facts

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