Income Tax

For the latest information from the Government of India type income tax in Google and proceed to an official government site.

The Government of India has mandated the Income Tax Department of India to oversee and administer all aspects of taxes. In addition to the mandates, the Government bestowed wide sweeping powers upon the Income Tax Department.

Today, the Income Tax Department is robust and secure offering an array of services reducing costs associated with operation and increasing individual user services. The NSDL has been tasked with handling PAN applications and statuses of applications both online and manually.  Again, to find out most recent information on PAN type PAN income tax in Google and proceed to an official Government site.

Income Tax Department India PR

India’s Income Tax Department was incorporated in 1922 after the Income Tax Act of 1922.  After nearly 90 years the Income Tax Department has seen many face lifts and has changed numerous times into what is known of it today.

India’s Income Tax Department looks like it’s going to be around for a long time. In addition, it looks like typing income tax in Google is going to stay around for a long time too, that is unless you can just type www.income Tax Refund Status in your browser. One thing is for sure, it will be easier to find the Indian Governments Income Tax websites, pay taxes online, PAN Card Verification or application online, or find your status of your application or refund.

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