Do Blue Pills Taste Better than Red Pills?

Traditionally the lame stream media’s account of reality was for the most part accurate. Perhaps they did not mention everything or ignored certain things. However, for the most part it has been accurate enough as to not cause any cognitive dissonance or to raise any eyebrows or concerns. Additionally, it has been the elite that have controlled the messages that have been purported.

As the message and observable reality become further and further apart, we see breaks in the foundations. This is the recipe for civil war or revolution. The problem is that for 20% of the population the message is not good with wages going down, prices going up, crime going up, net zero or negative return on immigrant issues and then to top it off, you, who have seen no net gains in life for decades are called racist, Nazi or privileged after tolerating stupid policies such as affirmative action which overtly discriminates against groups.

Contrasting this, the 20% elites see quite the opposite. Globalism is good, they make more money exponentially, the more immigrants the more money. They have money, walls, guns and security so there is no need to worry about anything. So, what to do?


The elites are pushing their narrative. They push their messages. They control governments, schools, programs, students and they keep pushing how good things are. Things are not good. This message contradicts that of which is easily seen. The left sees this also. This is why they are so violent, intolerant and numbly dumb. They are hurt. Imagine if they give in to what they see. That means they are wrong and have been pushing the wrong issues and have been lied to and have contributed to the problem. They are the problem.

What we see now is that the message is separating from reality. People are thawing out. It is only a matter of time. Therefore, we see this issue of calling media ‘fake news’.  We see content restricted and removed, we see content developer’s platforms denied and deleted.  we see government throwing people in jail for things that they most definitely should not be in jail for. The message is not reflecting reality and there is no medicine strong enough to fix this.

This effect we see as people double-down on their beliefs especially in the face of contradictory facts are the effects of taking the red-pill and in the past, you needed to cognitively and voluntarily take but today, whether you like it or not the effects of the red-pill are radiating like radiation and people are becoming addicted to the red pill against their will.

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