WTF is with America?

WTF is with America?

Death threats

When has it been OK to threaten a President-elect or anyone for that matter? Why do people think it is OK now? How come so many people who have seemed ‘normal’ now appear to have lost their shit? Forget about the blacks, they are racist and it is compellingly obvious via statistics that they possess a propensity for violence. More was expected of them at one point in the recent past but not anymore.

Self-Entitled Little Bitches

It is arguable, that Trump won the popular vote or that Hilary won the popular vote. It is obvious that very close to 50% have either voted for one or the other. Why do people against Trump think their vote is worth more than everyone else? Where did they get this sense of self-entitlement? What is really happening in American society? Why are anti-Trump supporters allowed to undermine democracy like this? If there was ever a case to use National Security as a reason for action, this is it.

You are the Embarrassment if you watch Mainstream Media

It is obvious that mainstream media is balkanized and co-opted. Mainstream media should be held liable for posing as news. No wonder people are confused and angry. They were lied to. Unfortunately, lying is not illegal unless to some federal agent or police. It is understood that people are angry but they need to learn their lesson. However, they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. They are acting not only immature, but dangerously. You have no idea what you have until you no longer have it, by that what is meant is America. Go to China, Russia, any racist, bigoted country of South East Asia, oh and ALL south east Asian countries are bigoted, racist, sexist and discriminatory. If you say they are not, then you have never been to one so shut up. America looks so much better when you actually see what you have instead of seeing what you don’t have.

Anti-Trump Protesters are Stupid

Many anti-Trump protesters are stupid. The entire idea of an anti-Trump protest is stupid. Watch the hundreds, if not thousands, of videos on YouTube that show anti-Trump dimwits saying that any reporter that puts a microphone in someone’s face is going to edit it and ‘smear’ them. Reporters don’t need to edit anything; anti-Trump supports need no help looking stupid. Logic, reason and sensibility is not the domain of any anti-Trump supporter. Every, not many, not most, every anti-Trump arrive at debates uneducated with facts and ignorant. Ad hominem is the ONLY premise they operate on.

Grab a Brain and Think for Yourself

It’s as if anti-Trump supporters all received the same memo to act stupid. Say that Donald Trump is a racist and act stupid. All of them admit that the government needs an overhaul and that many of the components of the government need to be fixed. Hilary has been senator and Secretary of State, so she has more experience at running the government. Yes, she has more experience at how not to run the government. Their logic is Hilary will do a better job to fix the problem which she helped create. Donald Trump, a billionaire by hook or by crook, is a successful businessman. Why would you have a businessman run the government, many ask. The answer is obvious to all but feminists, because it is $21 trillion US in debt.

Irony is Ironical

Logic and irony alludes them at every corner. “Why are you putting that microphone in my face?  Because we are doing interviews and making a video. Well get it out of my face. Are you here to protest? Yes, I want my voice to be heard.” WTF. Don’t they understand what they are saying. It has become painfully obvious that they don’t.

Hiring Clowns, Must be Serious

How the heck has anyone been able to get so many stupid people organized to promote the same stupid stuff. You must be really smart to accomplish that. Perhaps the nice alliteration of phrases such as “dump the trump” has managed to help them focus their attention. Or the platitudes like “not my president”. If you are American, then here is a news flash, you are wrong, Trump will be your next president. It’s OK to say not my president, but it’s also OK to say that Einstein was stupid too. Doesn’t make it true though, but then again who cares about truth anymore. Black lives matter, feminists, deists, theists?

Stop Embarrassing Retarded People

Many Americans don’t listen and they don’t think. There is a huge difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. You can’t teach an American what an illegal immigrant is. However, if you ask them should we have open borders, only a few mental mini-midgets would say yes.

Prejudices are What Fools Use for Reason

Painfully, there is no reasoning with anti-Trump protesters. He’s xenophobic, racist, sexist, he is inciting people who would otherwise be silent (be quiet you otherwise silent people, no one wants to hear what you think) and he is a bigot.

You are the Racist, said the Racist

As Einstein would lament there are no limits on stupidity. Once President-Elect Trump takes office, if he does good, these people are still going to hate him. This is because they are the racists. They are the bigots. And, don’t forget, they are stupid. These people are hard workers though. We are all born stupid and you have to work really hard to remain stupid.

Pablum, Pablum, Pablum

Listening to the anti-Trump protesters ask “how many countries are we occupying right now”, “Ya, answer that”. Um… what. Shut the fuck up. Keep the mouths closed and be perceived as having a couple more IQ points than you actually do. Listening to all these people complain about where tax dollars are being spent, and let’s be honest shall we, many of them don’t pay taxes, is unpleasant at best.

It is Rain that Grows Flowers, not Thunder

If you answer a question they pose, usually with some argument from ignorance (argumentum ad ignorantiam) or other false premise and you offer a successful rebuttal or refute their claims, their response is along the lines of “You’re a fucking idiot” and throw eggs at you saying you are a fascist. The situation has been compared to the movie Idiocracy. The only things which resemble this movie are the actions of anti-Trump supporters. The fact that anyone can grow up to be President of the United States is something that used to be proclaimed proudly, now American society is embarrassed by one of the tenets its society was built upon.

Lucky Not to Live in America

Some of us are lucky, we don’t live in America. Americans do. What is it going to take for America to realize that they are the best country in the world? Of course, they will get past this. However, will lessons be learned from this dark blemish currently festering on the ass of America?

Does god exist?

Does god exist? What are the odds that god does or does not exist?