How to learn Spoken English

If you want to know how to learn spoken English, you incorporate spoken English into your routine you have to learn English. Your first lessons should be pronunciation or how words are spoken. Thereafter, all your lessons should have a pronunciation component incorporated in them.

If you don’t learn how to pronounce words first then you will increase the probability of forming bad pronunciation habits. The word computer has three syllables; com, pu and ter. English being a stressed language means that one of these three syllables is stressed more than the other two.

In Thailand, many students pronounce computer incorrectly. The third syllable, incorrectly, is stressed; com-pu-TER. When these students pronounce computer, they sound like they have a French accent. The important thing to take from this is that they sound like they have an accent. They do not sound like native English speakers. Native English speakers do not say com-pu-TER, they say com-PU-ter.

When we say, “He has an accent,” we are saying, he is accentuating or stressing the word syllables differently than a native speaker does. If you want to know how to learn spoken English, you need to understand which syllable of a word is stressed.

There are word stress rules you should learn. Don’t use word stress rules as the final word on any pronunciation because there are many exceptions to rules in English but they should be learned in order to understand that there are rules. In addition, English is a dynamic language and is constantly changing. As well, American and British English pronunciation differs dramatically. In American English, they say ad-ver-TISE-ment and in British English, they say ad-VERT-is-ment.

One rule is there is only one stress for any word. There is what is called secondary stresses, but secondary stresses are less stressed than the primary stress. The word pronunciation has a primary stress and a secondary stress. The syllables are pro, nun, ci, a and tion. The primary stress is ‘a’ and the secondary is ‘nun’; pro-nun-ci-A-tion. It is more important to know the primary stress than the secondary. If the main primary stress is wrong, then you have already have failed in pronouncing the word correctly.

Word stress

Another word stress rule is only vowels are stressed and not consonants. In the word computer, we stress PU, but in reality we are stressing the ‘U’, if you were to say, com-pU-ter you would sound more ‘native’.

Two syllable nouns usually have the first syllable stressed. Two syllable verbs usually have the second syllable stressed.

PRE-sent (noun) and pre-SENT (verb)

CON-tent (noun) and con-TENT (verb)

He will present her with a present for her birthday.

He will pre-SENT her with a PRE-sent for her birthday.

He was content with the web content.

He was con-TENT with the web CON-tent.

Two syllable adjectives are usually stressed on the first syllable. He is a happy person. He is a HAP-py person.

 Word Stress

Words that end in ‘ic’ or ‘tion’ or ‘sion’ have the accent on the syllable before the ‘ic’, ‘tion’ or ‘sion’. We can see from the earlier example; pronunciation, that the ‘A’ or the syllable prior or before the ‘tion’ is the stressed syllable, pro-nun-ci-A-tion.

Words that end in ‘cy’, ‘ty’, ‘phy’, ‘gy’ or ‘al’ are not accented on the previous syllable but two syllables prior or before (third last syllable) the ‘cy’, ‘ty’, ‘phy’, ‘gy’ or ‘al’.

Pho-TO-gra-phy, na-tion-AL-i-ty, e-lec-TRI-ci-ty, e-LEC-tric-al and so-ci-OL-o-gy all follow the above rules.

For compound words we stress the first syllable, for compound verbs we stress the first syllable of the second word as we do for compound adjectives. Some examples are WA-ter-mel-lon, Un-der-STAND-ing and ov-er-FLOW-ing respectively.

Don’t work if you can’t speak fast, it’s better to speak properly more than speaking quickly. It is better to speak slowly and worry about fluency later.

If you can remember those rules you won’t necessarily become a native English speaker, but how to learn spoken English will be easier and make a bit more sense for you. Once you understand stress and pronunciation you can focus on vocabulary like know synonyms or an antonym for benefit.

Thai Bar Girl

She was a Thai bar girl. She was like all the others in one way and different in others. Same same as the expression goes – but different. Her shiny jet black hair crawled down to the nape of her back and covered up a naked stretch of milky brown skin that reached from her neck down to just below her hips. She smelt so good.

Don’t they all.

She was waiting. She was waiting for someone. Who knows who it was but they weren’t coming, or at least not yet.

She’d been standing there in a Kate Moss pose, like a diamond shining in the rough for the last hour. Standing on 3 inch high heels while rats scurried under her feet into the stinking Bangkok sewers below, she never flinched as motorbike taxis and drunken tuk tuks sped passed her at high speed missing her formula 1 quality curves by inches.

She seemed to be getting angrier, that Thai bar girl. It’s a mystery how anyone would keep an angel of that magnitude waiting, ever.

Then it happened. Whatever it was, it made that Thai bar girl melt.  She loosened up and her angry stance faded into the brightness of her dress as the corners of her mouth jumped up towards her ear lobes and her ride arrived.


As that Thai bar girl stepped onto the motorbike she looked over. Like a tourist only interested in Bangkok hotels with girls, there was something in her eyes, something wild, something alive, and something so sexy that that was only the beginning. It certainly couldn’t be the end.

Service Apartment in Bangkok

A service apartment in Bangkok is an apartment that has a service like hotel rooms do, that is, your bed linen is supplied and cleaned and your apartment comes with maid service. To a foreigner, Bangkok is mysterious, ancient and different and a service apartment in Bangkok is no different. For some this is great and for others this is not so great.

 A service apartment in Bangkok

Some say that a serviced apartment is like having a maid or living in a hotel, whist others might think that living in a hotel permanently is horrible. There are both good points and bad points to this. Having a maid can be great if they are professional and not expensive.

In Bangkok, an overwhelming percentage of locals live in single rooms, usually small and inexpensive. From a foreign perspective this might seem odd and unpleasant to live in a small single room. In Bangkok, many of the locals will live in these rooms with two or three people. Most westerners have been raised to appreciate and expect a certain amount of privacy so this can be a bit of a shock to realize that you don’t have any privacy.

On the other hand, living in the west can be lonely and always having someone around you is one of the many different social and cultural aspects of Thailand that filters off into the social make-up of families. In families in Thailand, the oldest males usually stay at home even after being married and dowries are paid for females to leave households.

Even though a service apartment in Bangkok is common, it goes against the majority of locals’ lifestyle that only live in a single room which has no need for a maid service.  Families that live in serviced apartments are usually from out of town or country and are foreigners. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment in Bangkok and when you do, they come with a maid service whether you want it or not.

Serviced apartments, like most services in Thailand, do not come about by need or desire, but because they create employment and can increase profits.  Oddly, some services that are offered in Thailand don’t have the person who is receiving the service’s interest in mind, but the person earning income’s interest in mind. This takes a bit of getting used to from a western perspective and is one of the reasons that westerners feel that things are ‘backwards’ in Thailand.

A service apartment in Bangkok is normal. As additional income is generated by adding this service, it doesn’t appear like this practice is going to go away anytime soon. You can find either an apartment or a service apartment in Bangkok if you search through apartment websites like Bangkok Condominiums.

 Another service apartment in Bangkok

India Against Corruption


When searching corruption on Google, the results are littered with information about India against corruption. On initial assumptions one might posit that India is riddled with corruption and they would not be wrong in assuming that. The fact is corruption is everywhere, in every nation on earth.  The fact that you see so much information on corruption in India is not because India is a cesspool of corruption but because India is at the forefront of anti-corruption.


In India, an India against corruption is a slogan. The Indian society is armed and has taken up against corruption. With the advent of technological advances in communications and electronics, we have seen it easier to expose corruption and market that information.


India against corruption


The Internet is a prime example. The Internet has given power to a powerless segment of society and allowed them, with a bit of hard work, to take matters into their own hands and do something about it. You can give information, organize and discuss, in a low-cost effective medium, strategies to not only combat corruption but compiles realistic statistics on the actually corruption level.



Advancements in electronics and communications impact many different industries.  Surveillance equipment invariably benefits from these advancements. Microphone and video qualities in situations that used to be difficult, dark situations or loud environments are not an issue any more. In addition, the sizes of these devices have gotten smaller and changes to materials used in the construction of equipment have modified designs.



Capturing a corrupt activity as evidence to fuel sanction and prosecution is easier now. In the past, physical evidence of corrupt acts was rare and only for the privileged and this contributed to a virtual black out of corruption based convictions. This evidence is also acting as a demotivation for corruptors for future corrupt acts.



A real benefit of a comingling of empowerment and technology in the fight against corruption, as seen in India, is the advent of creative measures to document, publicize and influence an aware society, of which corruptors are a part of.  In India, there are websites like that allow society to report instances of abuse. The incidents are investigated and any actions required from the results are taken.


India Against Corruption Cartoon


India against corruption could very well stop corruption in its tracks as well as change the social perception of corruption in general. The world has a lot of learn from this era in India and, if successful, you might read in the next paragraph on corruption that an India against corruption organization will be working in your very country in the near future.


Fast against Corruption

Astrology For U

It doesn’t matter who is into astrology, it only matters if you are, is astrology for you? If it is not, then you really shouldn’t bother with horoscope readings. It’s like those that have faith and those that do not. If you don’t have faith, then it’s probably best if you don’t bother with it.

After all, if you were reading someone’s charts and all you saw was death, financial ruin and misery, do you think you would be put you in an excited, animated mood to convey this to the recipient, as well, do would you think the recipient would be smiles from ear to ear hearing this depressing news.

What if your charts overwhelming stated that you are going to meet your soul mate very, very soon? Would you ignore this, or would you keep a more observant eye on potential prospects. Would you, with this changed state of mind and aura around you in regard to this news, actually be the conduit to manifest this?

How you use the information you obtain from a reading is totally a personal thing. You might use it to direct your actions and create a somewhat successful outcome your chart’s results. As well, you might direct all your actions ensuring reading projections are as far away from materializing as possible. You might be doing this cognitively or unconsciously.

Obama Hooscope

 If you have decided astrology for u is a good thing, then you should consider taking advantage of a horoscope by date of birth. This is a complex, highly personalized chart of information dealing with events in the universe the moment you were born. These types of horoscopes are considered to be much more accurate than all types of horoscopes.