World Currencies List

World Currencies List

Here is the world currencies list for the top 10 largest economies on earth.

The United States of America

The currency in the United states is the American dollar.

The American dollar has been used to compare currencies from all over the world every since the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement.


The currency in China is the Chinese yuan.

Chinese Yuan


The currency in Japan is the Japanese yen.


The currency in Germany is the Euro. Germany’s traditional currency was the Deutshe mark


The currency in France is the Euro. France’s traditional currency was the French franc.

United Kingdom

The currency in the United Kingdom is the UK pound.


The currency in Brazil is the Real.

currency in Brazil


The currency in Italy is the Euro. Italy’s traditional currency was the Italian lira.


The currency in India is the Indian rupee.


The currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar.

 Canadian $1000 bill

Here is a short video highlighting various currencies.

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