Is Anything Negative Regarding Women Blocked In Google?

It has been my most unpleasant experience that when I try and find research results and or articles based on gender demographics no matter the topic that if the results show women in a bad light the results will be buried in both Google and Google Scholar (as well as many academic databases) to the point that you cannot find them.

Additionally, even if you were biased in your query, the results would show negative results for males even if you search for negative results for females. Of course, that is if the result of your query is negative towards males.

However, if the results of your query are negative towards female, the results will not be returned.

For instance, if you search the following in google

(non-gendered, biased): Why do most teachers lean to the Right rather than left?

Your results will be similar to:


Why teachers are more likely to be leftists

Left-wing thinking still prevails in schools

Higher Education has a strong Leftist Bias



(gendered, biased) Why are babies safest with their fathers?

Changed to:

Why are babies safe with their fathers?


The query:

(gendered, unbiased) Who are babies safest with: fathers or mothers?

Shows results for

Who are babies safe with: fathers or mothers?

If you change the query to your original query, the results change to be more accurate.


(gendered, biased) Do men harass more online than women?

(Gendered, unbiased) Who harasses more online: men or women?

I remember I once had a research paper that stated women harass more online than men. I think the article was from PEW and I tried to find it as it was not registered properly in my ENDNOTE application. I have not been able to find it at all or any other research that has these statistics. Additionally, I could not find any research data or percentages regarding this. If men statistically harassed people more than women did, I am sure we would see it populated all over Google results. However, you will not find any results or statistics on this. The research is completed, and you cannot find it.  Unfortunately, it has been experience considering that this data cannot be found and is hidden that women do more harassing online than men do.

If you can find any research papers regarding this topic please feel free to get me the link or post it here, thanks.

Can you buy Crypto with a Thai Bank Account?

Yes, one of the best and easiest ways to buy crypto with your Thai bank account is with Thailand’s most popular crypto exchange Bitcoin Exchange. I am not sure if they allow Americans to sign up as the US government has enforced so much regulation that vendors do not want and will not put up with the hassle of appeasing the American Government here in Thailand and why should they.

Again, you can hook up your Thai bank account directly purchase crypto with BX.

Are Gender Studies all Studied Out?

Why is it that I feel the eastern block countries I once thought were low brow appear to be the only contemporary countries that have not lost their collective minds?
Gender studies and for the most part any university course named ‘studies’ should be banned as well. Why is it that taxes (therefore men) are paying for women and white knights (looking to get laid) to go to school and study how to hate men and destroy society?

Is Taxation theft?

Why do people pay different amounts of tax? It is often argued that taxes are gather for good causes such as schools, parks, roads, street lights, bridges and services that help keep us safe. Taxes are seen as something that has or at least had good intent. The reality is that most taxes are not necessary. Most taxes are implemented in order to make governments more relevant than they really are.

Do we really need large governments? Did we really need to pay $5 million to the National Institute of Health to realize that fraternities and sororities drink more on average than the overall university population particularly on days a big sporting event is held and that they sleep in later as well? Do we really need to pay $1 billion a year to pay more for sugar and artificially inflate sugar prices worldwide?

In reality, taxation is theft. Why else would two people who live in the same street, being the same age and gender, participating in the say activities and having the same family make up pay different amounts of tax?  This is simple to answer, taxation is theft.

For example, let’s look at two men who are 30 years old who work at the same company doing the same job, shall we? The difference between these two men are that one man only wants to work 30 hours a week as this is his preference. The other man is more ambitious and chooses to work 50 hours a week.  Why does the more ambitious man pay more tax for being more productive and ambitious? Again, the answer is simple. Taxation is theft.


Additionally, what taxes are spent on has become much less fair as well.  Why is it that people who are literally getting ripped off via taxation not up in arms about this in this age of victim mentality? Why are some people not paying their fair share of taxes while others pay 10 times as much tax? Again, some spout on about fairness. Fairness is inseparable from unfairness just as equality is inseparable from inequality. Why can’t each and every one of us pay our fair share?

When you go into a store to buy a coke you pay the same for that coke as everyone else. If you had to pay a different amount whether more or less because of your gender, ethnicity or income level, then that would be theft and it is very easy to understand this as theft.

The government tells you what you are going t pay them from your hard-earned cash and if you do not pay it, then they will come knocking at your door and either take that money from you by pointing the end of a gun at you, physically confiscate your property or physically take you to jail. When you look at this system objectively, it is very easy to see that the government are thieves and overtly act like thugs.

Does Steemit Give you the First and Last word?

One of the things I cherish with Steemit being red-pilled is I see things the way I see things and that is usually contradictory to the way many if not most all other people see things.  For instance, some see marriage as the pinnacle of relationships and I see it as useless, harmful and emasculating. I must mention that this is not a Steemit thing but a societal thing. I usually am at odds with some mainstream ideas, understandings and acceptances.

Most users on Steemit are self-centered and selfish. I do not mean this as an insult but just as an observation. I am a user of Steemit and I am just as guilty. Users on Steemit mostly care about themselves and their articles, and that’s if they even bothered to write an article and not steal it or plagiarize it. Most users just post pictures. Many of those pictures are not even theirs. So, I guess we could add lazy and thieves to the list of characteristics too. Now, that is not to say that all users of Steemit display these characteristics, they do not. Just many if not most of them.

One can earn via Steemit, but that is not my purpose. One can get views via Steemit users, but, again that is not my purpose. I do get many hits for my articles. Why do I get views? Because I offer an alternative view or a different view from most people’s echo chambers.

Additionally, my viewpoint tends to trigger many people. I do not try to trigger people; people’s fragility seems to increase with each new generation exponentially. I tend to question the status quo, especially if it just rubs up against me the wrong way. My main goal is the pursuit of truth.

Anyone can view my articles on Steemit and I promote my articles. Many people come to my articles and want to spam the heck out of me and my opinion. Aaannnnttt. Not gonna happen. Why? Because you need to be a member of Steemit to comment and upvote.

I tend to trigger feminists, femininazis (sorry Nazis), leftists, manginas, white knights, simpletons, beta males and anybody else who is not red-pilled. These types read my articles or a few words of my articles and then freak and say, “I am going to show him.” However, then they cannot spew their feelings all over my comments unless they join Steemit. We, here at Steemit, know that takes a week at least to join and they these types do not have very long attention spans.

Additionally, if they do, by chance, join Steemit, and we all know they do not, but, if they were to, then they would try and use their well-honed tools of complaining and moaning and whining and bitching and protesting to get my articles removed and my account terminated. That is where the blockchain comes into play. What a wonderfully named technology. Block the chain of whining cry babies from muting your voice and ideas. The blockchain is permanent and you can’t delete my articles, try as you might. The only thing they can do is write their own articles and develop their own ideas in a logical, persuasive manner as to sway people to “come over to the dark side”. That is useless and a waste of their time, however, they are willing to waste their time, that is not the issue. The issue is it is useless.

People do not go from the center or the right to the left. That does not happen. Well, unless they are a mangina or white knight and are trying to get some tang, then they might.

I like Steemit because I get the first word, the last word and every other word in between no matter what your proclivity, be it male feminist, leftist, feminazi or dummy.