Are you a White Knight?

MGTOW non colesA white knight is defined as a thing or a person that comes to someone’s aid. Another definition is a person or company making an acceptable counteroffer for a company facing a hostile takeover.  Both definitions seem noble if not honorable.

However, there is a third term that is commonly used in today’s MGTOW community, used as a derogatory term often to show disdain or contempt for a man that comes to the aid of a woman whether she needs aid or not and to state that your actions are pathetic and groveling in nature.

These men think they are ‘being nice’. Some of these men are so manipulated by society, culture and media that they only think they are being nice and do not see any underpinnings for their actions.  However, these men are few and far between.  If a man calls you a white knight he is insinuating that he feels you are unaware of your actions. You may very well be totally aware of your actions, and if you are aware of your actions then you are just worshiping vaj and acting in a groveling manner in hopes of getting some. You will not get any though. You will be put in the friend or ally zone forever or until she has nothing to do or is bored. The sad thing is that many men are totally aware of this and find this action to be acceptable.

If a man calls another man a white knight, he is either expressing his utter disparagement towards that man or trying to red-pill him. The later is much more prevalent than one might think. Red-pilled men are very anxious and willing to share their knowledge, understandings and experiences with other men.

White knights come in all shapes and sizes. However, women cannot be white knights. Women are by nature white knights, just as they are leftists by nature. Any woman who is not a white knight by nature is a weirdo. However, there are a few weirdos out there. So, what does a woman who is not a white knight sound like? She is the woman who says stuff like, “If I was him I would punch her in the face” or, “doesn’t he see that she is using him?”MGTOW non coles

There tends to be an over representation of white knights in men that aspire to be classified as a jock. This is understandable though as these guys are usually capitalizing on their innate need to pummel some poor unsuspecting guy who they’ve identified as weaker than they are and the potentially get vaj at the same time.

With that said there is no shortage of white knights at all as they permeate all strata of society from incels, nerds, handicapped mentally and physically fat, skinny, poor, short and the ugly.  You don’t even need to be really- ugly, just a little ugly as a man’s desire for tang is directly correlated with a woman’s supply of baby-rabies vaccine injectors.

So, are you a white knight or are the guys around you white knights. It is a rare man indeed that is naturally a white knight and unaware of it. White knights are usually very cognizant of the fact they are white knights. However, if you truly are unaware of if you are a white night or not, then here are a couple questions for you that will give you an indication of your propensity of white knight-ism.

Please read the following narrative before answering the white knight questions.

Barbie: Brand new dress. Never worn because too big for me. Fits sizes 10-14. Super Stretchy material. $20.

Paul: would smash

Benji:  What exactly do you mean by that? Are you trying to say that you would have sex with this woman? That is gross, and a gross way of saying it. Seriously, you are pathetic. I think you are forgetting that no, you wouldn’t smash. This woman is probably so far out of your league you wouldn’t even touch. In fact, I imagine that if you are stalking Vic deals saying stuff like that, then the most intimate human contact that you’ve received lately is using a public toilet when the seat is still warm.

Enjoy your lonelines

PS: Beautiful dress: D

Barbie: I adore you Benji

Benji: Right back at you my love

Paul: Excuse me Ben, I am sorry you took my comment seriously. I understand the purpose of your comment was to win female approval at the expense of your dignity, so I am not particularly offended.


Question 1: who is the white knight in the example?

Question 2: Is Ben going to get tang?

Question 3: What is the likelihood Ben is a woman?


In the example the white knight in the story is Benji and no, he is not going to get any tang. He was just put in the friend zone forever. The likelihood that Ben or Benj or Benji is a woman is great. There is also a great likelihood he is gay though. What kind of a man calls himself Benji instead of Ben or Benjamin? And what kind of a man spells his name Benji instead of Benjy. That is like spelling your name Billi instead of Billy.

As mentioned earlier, women biologically are leftists, that is unless they are weirdos. Don’t take it the wrong way, women weirdos are wonderful, it is just that when compared with the general population they are not normal, and therefore the moniker weirdo is apt. Being white knights biologically things women say will be the same as what a male White knight says.

For instance, “There is no good reason to hit a woman. You should never ever under any circumstances ever hit a woman, ever, never.” This is quite rich indeed. Never? How about if she is about to kill you with a gun and you don’t have a gun, should you hit her then? That took 2 seconds to come up with. What if she lied to you, married you, had some other guys kid and didn’t tell you, cheated on you, tried to kill you, cried crocodile tears, divorced you, lied in court and ended up with the house you had before you married her, paying for her and her children and her new nut-juice dispenser in your house and then proceeds to laugh at you telling she is pregnant with some other-other guys kid you will pay for as you have to live in your car because you cannot afford life? That one took longer but only because it was a longer sentence.

The point is that there are millions of reasons you should hit a woman. Billions. It is a stupid statement like many stupid statements. A better statement would be even though there are billions of reasons you might want to hit a woman, you should not. There, problem fixed. White knights don’t fix problems because they are addicted to vaj. They don’t want to say anything that even whiffs of fish and tastes like chicken unless it is tang that they might not get any. They will say very, very stupid things and agree to even stupider demands for tang.

White knights are incognizant of the fact they are misogynists.  Firstly, they are total hypocrites that will do and say anything for vaj. Women are good for only one thing, vaj. This is how they think. They concoct huge, complex situations all underpinned by their innate need to have vaj. Secondly, they do not think women are equal at all. Women need to be protected, “Are you OK? Do you need help? Did he upset you?”, sound familiar? How about the double-whammy misogynist-misandrist type white knights? “Did he offend you? You need to apologize to the woman! Dude you need to apologize to the woman or we are going to have a problem! I am about to punch you in the head unless you apologize to the woman.  You see their attitude is they hate men and just want to beat them, and they think the poor womens are so weak and fragile and cannot possible deal with anything themselves, why? Because they are women.MGTOW non coles

Leftists are white knights in general and usually for two reasons. One is that most programs are for women so being a leftist means you might get some. Secondly, if a program does not benefit a woman, then it might benefit an identifiable (women love identity politics) segment of the population deemed to be weak like the blind, and women will find you compassionate and therefore you might get some. Do you see a cyclical theme emerging: you might get some?

So, if you still don’t know if you are a white knight or not, then there are a couple final questions which should help you figure that out on your own. Do you like Donald Trump? It’s OK if you don’t, but you need to have a reason. You don’t even need a good reason. For instance, it’s OK to hate someone for no reason at all. We all do it all the time. We meet someone new and we don’t like them. It’s illogical but it’s very common, for no reason at all, but  own that.  Why don’t you like him? If you answer a bunch of stuff other people say or because he grabs vaj, christ, every man and I am not going to shame men by saying every real man, every man who has sex with a woman grabs vaj, wants to grab vaj or dreams about grabbing vaj and if you say that is bad, it’s because you are white knighting some woman right now hoping you will get some.

Think for yourself, be aware and don’t white knight.



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