Am I living in Reverse-so World?

Am I living in Reverse-so World?


Victoria Police in Australia have sent event organizers for talks from Laura Southern and Stefan Molyneux an invoice for $67,000 AUD because retarded antifa dickheads decided to, well, be retarded antifa dickheads. An initial look at this might leave some with the attitude that this seems appropriate. If you have an event which requires police or extra or concentrated amounts of police, then the event organizer should foot this ‘bill’.

However, if you look at it from a maligned nefarious perspective then you might think, hey let’s go create mischief and destroy things at the Christian event down at the arena, shall we, so the bill will be so high that the Christians (or event organizer) will not be able to have events ever again. Do you see a problem here? I do, several.

The first problem is the police are already paid for and should never ‘invoice’ anyone unless they are specifically being hired by somebody for security, if this is even possible.  The second problem is if we do this then a certain group in society will become fascists dictating what is and is not OK for all society. Thirdly, people who intentionally and voluntarily with intent conspire to and carry out criminal acts will not only be above the law but will be motivated to act in their violent ways.

Finally, there is a message hidden that is symbolic here. We, society, are not allowed to participate in discourse and I believe this to be extremely dangerous to our societies. I l get the feeling that the police are on the antifa side. I get the feeling that the police do not want the event to take place and events like this should not take place in the future. Finally, I do not think the police, antifa or the Australian people are being fair, or they would step up and condemn this action by their police force which at this point deserve ZERO respect.

I believe this is setting horrible precedent in Australia and this is one step closer to Australia being a place I would never wish to visit. If the police wish to ‘recoup’ expenses, which I believe they have no right to do as they are a paid-by-tax service, then they should partition their government agencies and governments for a higher budget. Additionally, they could arrest several of the (at this point) non-peaceful, criminal protesters and ‘invoice’ them.

What we are seeing happening right in front of our eyes is an awesome country, a beautiful country, a great country turning in to a shit-hole country. I prey that Australians wake up.



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